Congratulations to the soon-to-be married! If your wedding is your destination, then the planning stage is most definitely the journey. And as it’s been said, life is all about the journey. To help you take time to bask in the blissful yet chaotic moments of planning your wedding day, we’re going to show you how to document every pleasurable AND painful moment. With a personally tailored calendar to help you stay organized, you can actually create the ultimate memory book to look back on for years to come. Oh BTW, if you’re in the market for a *something new*, check out Brit + Co’s new customizable planner line at Target — available in-stores and online!

I’m coming up on my five year anniversary, and every so often, I come upon the planner I used to plan my own wedding and enter a rabbit hole of memories. When I planned my wedding, I thought it was crazy to put almost a year of effort into one day, but looking back, it really was about the trials, tribulations and joys that led up to that day. So, let me help you out and give you my top ten milestones to mark to create an easy and sweet wedding keepsake using your planner. TBH, the key is to remember *what* to write down when penning in your key milestones.

1. The Proposal

Whether you knew the big ask was coming or not, you’re going to want to remember every moment. Take time to jot down key highlights on what you did, how you felt, and who was there. Add Brit + Co® Photo Corners to your Brit + Co® planner to include some extra mementos and photos to really add to your narrative.

2. Engagement Photos

Of course you’ll have the photos to tell one story, but what about the one that’s not captured on camera. Was it raining when you wanted sunshine? Did a group of tourists pass by and take your photo too? It’s the stories of the behind-the-scene moments that you and your boo will want to remember and add more depth to the pretty pictures.

3. Wedding Showers

You’ll definitely want to mark down the date of your wedding shower in your planner. Why not use the blank notes section to jot down your gift list to help streamline the Thank You card process? That way you’ll be able to look back at it and know that it was a second aunt on your mom’s side who gifted you that obscure, decorative plate. Trust me, take stock in weird, awkward, and random moments. Once the dust settles, these moments are the nostalgic.

4. Invite Send Date

Everyone has a different opinion on when to send out invites, but TBH this is *your* wedding, so do you. You’ll want to capture some of the drafts and iterations that were used to craft your invite message. Did you start wordy, punny, funny, or romantic? Regardless, these notes and drafts are memory gold, so be sure to jot them down in your planner.

5. DIY Parties

If you know anything about Brit + Co, you know we LOVE all things DIY. So what’s a wedding without some DIY touches? And if you’re someone who is taking wedding crafting to the next level — for example, making 4,000 pom poms — it’s best to tap into your bridal party, family and friends for a weekly DIY night. Provide some food, drinks, and good conversation, and it’ll feel like just another Thursday night.


6. Menu + Cake Tastings

7. Week of Your Wedding

There will be so much going on this week. Make sure your organization game is on point so you can have fun and be present in the moment. Have your to-dos written down, important arrivals, and any accompanying wedding events. You’ll want to be sure you’re where you need to be when you need to be there. Brit + Co® Planner Labels & Gold Stickers help you take your week to the next level.

8. Date Nights

The stress of wedding planning is real. It’s definitely a damper on the good vibes when conversations with your partner only revolve around budget, venues, and cake flavors. Be sure to pen in wedding-free dates in your planner to give yourself a break from the grinding stone. As I mentioned before, you’ll want to enjoy the journey for an even better destination.

9. Bachelorette Party

YAS KWEEN! A weekend with your ladies is where it’s at. There’s nothing better than soaking up that sun and hanging poolside with your besties. Use your planner to write down important logistics, as well as weekend highlights. Your notes shouldn’t be detailed, in fact, I would err on the side of cryptic. Sometimes all you need is a simple doodle to remember the craziest things that happened.

10. Honeymoon Itinerary

While you’re in the midst of wedding planning, you’ll most likely be planning your honeymoon which is the real icing on the cake. Lay out your trip using the monthly calendar spread, and when you feel discouraged, flip to this page for much-needed solace.

And just like that you’ll have a memory book for the years to come. Actually, this is a great reminder for my husband and I to spend part of our anniversary walking down memory lane.

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Photography: Brittany Griffin