Nausea. An expanding waistline. Weirdo food cravings. Crazy hormonal outbursts. A little plus sign creeping up on the pee stick. These are the telltale signs of pregnancy 鈥 but they鈥檙e not the only ones. You may have heard your mommy-friends talking, or seen portrayals of pregnant women in the movies, but before you go thinking, 鈥淣o way! I鈥檓 not pregnant. I don鈥檛 have any of the regular symptoms,鈥 check out these not-so-well-known signs of pregnancy.

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1. Stuffy Nose: Your nose is dripping and it just won鈥檛 stop. You鈥檝e got a cold 鈥 or do you? A stuffed-up nose is sometimes a symptom of pregnancy. The change in hormones you鈥檙e experiencing does much more than take you on an emotional roller coaster. Increased hormones can also cause your mucous membranes to swell and dry out, leading to cold-like symptoms that have absolutely no viral cause.

2. Super-Snoring: Those hormone-related swollen mucous membranes are at work again. Not only are they causing your nose to run, but they鈥檙e also the culprit behind nighttime snoring. Say sorry to your S.O. and sleep on your side to make your midnight nose chorus not so noticeable.

3. Drippy Drooling: Ah, the glow of pregnancy鈥 or maybe that鈥檚 a bit of drool making its way down your face. Excessive salivation is actually common enough to have a real medical name: ptyalism. Even though the experts don鈥檛 entirely know what causes this to happen, they think it may have to do with (you guessed it) changing hormones. An uptick in salivation and drooling is associated with severe morning sickness as well.

4. Big Foot: Those cute little kitten heels you adore suddenly don鈥檛 fit. You feel like one of Cinderella鈥檚 step-sisters trying to squeeze your mammoth feet into itty bitty shoes. Your feet haven鈥檛 exactly grown 鈥 at least not in the way that your soon-to-be child鈥檚 feet will. They鈥檙e swollen. It鈥檚 common for pregnant women to retain fluids, causing some swelling. If you鈥檙e experiencing excessive swelling, have swelling in your hands and face, have a serious headache, or have any other odd symptoms, call the doctor right away. Excessive swelling is a sign of preeclampsia and can be super serious.

5. Metal Mouth: Another lesser-known pregnancy symptom? Dysgeusia. That鈥檚 what it鈥檚 called when you have an odd change of taste in your mouth. During the first trimester, this may take the form of a metallic taste. Don鈥檛 freak just because your mouth tastes like you were chewing on pennies. The taste change should go away by your second trimester.

6. Skin Tags: You suddenly have little pieces of skin hanging out in some of your folds, where skin rubs against skin, such as the underboob area or your armpits. Let鈥檚 hear it for those hormones again; they鈥檙e likely the cause of these excess flaps. Keep in mind that picking, scratching, or trying to shave these off isn鈥檛 advisable. Only a doc should remove skin tags for you.

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