The course of tech updates never did run smooth. In celebration of one year of Windows 10, Microsoft released its first big update to the operating system. However, things in the anniversary update aren’t going quite as planned. First, computers were freezing. And now it looks like the update is breaking webcams.

It's been a rough day

Basically, the update was meant to give better access to the computer’s camera and allow several different programs to tap into the camera at the same time. However, not all cameras are equipped to handle the new feature and, instead, they’re just not working.

If you haven’t tried to update yet, just hold off until September, when Microsoft is expected to have a fix for the bug. But if you’ve already updated your operating system and fear that your webcam has been affected, you have 10 days to revert back to the old system. And, unfortunately, if you’ve already passed the trial period, you may have to resign yourself to a camera-less existence. Customers who are experiencing camera problems are encouraged to reach out to Microsoft for support.

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(h/t Gizmodo; photo via Getty)