Got a friend, family member, or special someone who dabbles in the dark spirits? We’re talking about whiskey, of course. This Valentine’s Day, forget about buying a plain old bottle of Bulleit or Hudson.

From bourbon marshmallows to whiskey wall art, we recommend getting the whiskey lovers in your life a few of these 20 quirky gifts.

1. Whiskey Holster ($46): Saddle up to that bottle of yours with this gorgeous handcrafted holster.

2. Whiskey Decanter + Glasses ($34 + $25): This beautiful set of glasses and decanter is a lovely way to sip your spirits in style.

3. Bourbon Marshmallows ($8): Bourbon-infused marshmallows? Magic.

4. Bourbon Vanilla Soap ($9): Who needs beer-scented soap when you can small like Bourbon?

5. Whiskey While You Work ($25): Only on Fridays after 5pm… right?

6. Bourbon Lollipops ($10 and up): Leave it to the folks at Lollyphile to have a bourbon variety of pop.

7. Whiskey Wall Art ($20): The best part about Society6 is that everything comes in poster, card, iPhone case, and pillow form.

8. Whiskey Tasting Notebook ($45): Record all of your spirited adventures in this whiskey journal.

9. Age Your Own Whiskey Kit ($170): Once you’ve become a pro at tasting, it’s time to start making.

10. Whiskey Blender ($55 and up): All about customization but not quite ready to age your own whiskey?

11. Cattle Horn Tumbler Set ($74): Cattle horns as tumblers. Bookmark for the cowboy in your life ;)

12. Chocolate Whiskey ($20): This is what happens when two deliciously decadent worlds collide.

13. Bourbon Barrel Maple Syrup ($50): Speaking of worlds colliding, how ’bout a little bourbon with those pumpkin bacon pancakes?

14. Whiskey Old-Fashioned Wet Shave Soap (Unavailable): Only those whiskey-loving woodsmen over at Hickorees would come up with an old-fashioned shave soap that smell just like whiskey.

15. Bourbon Bubbler ($34): Rub a dub dub!

16. Barrel Rings ($205 and up): Looking for a non-traditional wedding band? These are inlaid with wood from genuine Jack Daniels barrels.

17. Whiskey Barrel Adirondack Chair ($570): And on the note of repurposing whiskey barrels, how relaxing does this adirondack chair look? We’re already thinking about summer sun…

18. Bourbon Smoked Spices ($9): Mix it up in the spice department with bourbon smoked salt, pepper, and paprika.

19. Whiskey Rocks ($14): If you don’t have whiskey rocks yet, get on it with this rustic set.

20. Bourbon Vanilla Candle ($20): And last, set the mood with a bourbon vanilla candle.

Do you love whiskey? Do you wish there were more puns in this post that involved things “on the rocks”? Talk to us in the comments below.