Whether you’re trying to get fitter for summer, are attempting to diet hack your way to glowing skin or just want to get more sleep, you may be thinking about revamping your diet. But science says the latest superfood might already be in your fridge. Researchers from Boston to Stockholm believe that rich, creamy dairy products protect us from a number of diseases ranging from obesity to strokes. Despite the US Department of Agriculture’s recommendations to stick with skim and low-fat whenever possible, it could be time to buy a carton of whole milk for a change. Worried about putting on weight? Don’t sweat it. Keep scrolling for the top four benefits of whole milk, according to science.


1. Lower your risk of obesity. You heard right. According to a study out of Sweden, middle-aged guys who consumed butter, cream and whole milk had trimmer waistlines than their peers who steered clear of dairy. Those who chose a full-fat snack appeared to be satisfied longer and had fewer cravings for sugary desserts.

2. Protect yourself against Type 2 diabetes. It’s easy to make the connection between lower body weight and a reduced risk of this diet-related disease, however, researchers from Tufts University found the benefits are actually on the blood plasma level. The study found that people with high levels of fatty acids in their blood from milk, cheese, yogurt and, yes, butter were half as likely to develop Type 2 diabetes later on.

3. Boost your heart health. Contrary to the popular belief that vegetable oils are better for your arteries, a study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests whole milk and yogurt can improve blood pressure and diminish the effects of coronary artery disease. The probiotics in yogurt may even increase these benefits.

4. Improve your brain function. Really need to concentrate? Dietitian Cassie Bjork told the blog Eat This that grass-fed butter is her go-to. “It’s an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and fatty acids, and it helps slow down the absorption of sugar and carbohydrates, leading to consistent energy levels and improved brain function. Plus, it tastes great!” she said.

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