These days, wearables come in every form imaginable — including stylish bracelets, rings and even temporary tattoos. Whether they’re tracking shopping, fitness or sleep, they’re designed to be discreet and pretty. Now, there’s a wearable that’s not quite as fashion-forward — but the science behind it is pretty amazing. The folks at the startup, Rythm, have developed a headband to help people sleep better and wake up more easily through sound stimulation.

sleep headband 2

The Dreem headband, which formally launched this week, uses the same technology as a sleep lab to sync with the wearer’s brain activity and create sounds that promote better sleep. In other words, the product recognizes your sleep stage by measuring brain waves, and then plays sounds that match it. It also helps you transition to the next stage of sleep. Even better, the product’s alarm wakes you at the optimal sleep stage closest to the time you set, so your REM stage isn’t interrupted. (You might be a few minutes late to work, but it’s so worth it). In addition, Dreem analyzes your brain activity to measure sleep duration, time and movement.

sleep headband 1

According to Rythm’s blog: “The Dreem headband is sort of a sleep conductor for your brain’s orchestra: keeping deep sleep in tempo, and sustained through the night. It uses a metronome ringing at accurate times to remind them when to play. This united symphony means your slow waves stay in the right rhythm and volume throughout the night, ultimately meaning that your brain can fully benefit from the positive effects of sleep.”

The wearable will be available in June for $349 (including shipping and taxes), and the company will select people to try it out. So if you don’t mind wearing a big headband in the name of better sleep, give it a shot!

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(Photos via Rythm)