Besides the epic-looking movie itself, one of the most exciting things about Ocean鈥檚 8 was learning that the all-star cast kept in touch through聽a group聽text. It turns out the chat is a thing of the past, however 鈥 because Sandra Bullock made them get rid of it.

鈥淪andy made us delete them all!鈥 Awkwafina, who plays Constance in the film, told ET about the shared messages. 鈥淭hey no longer exist.鈥

Sarah Paulson has dished on the dream team鈥檚 text thread in the past, calling it 鈥渁 very cool chain to be part of.鈥 So, why did they get rid of it? The answer, it turns out, is pretty reasonable. 鈥淣ow we鈥檙e worried about being hacked!鈥 Bullock told ET of the enviable 鈥 and now very widely known about 鈥 thread. 鈥淟ast night, we read through all our texts to each other. 鈥楻emember that moment and delete!'鈥

We can鈥檛 help but wonder about the potentially incriminating chats that the stars 鈥 including Bullock, Paulson, Cate Blanchett, Mindy Kaling, Rihanna, Anne Hathaway, Awkwafina, and more 鈥 shared with each other. Paulson previously told聽ET, 鈥淭he things that are going on in this text chain, you would lose your mind,鈥 which has our imaginations in overdrive.

Of course, it鈥檚 possible that the women, who play a group of highly skilled robbers, are pulling a fast one on us by pretending the chat has been deleted. 鈥淲e may or may not have another one somewhere,鈥 Paulson said to ET, before adding, 鈥淸Somewhere] in the universe at some point.鈥

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(photo via Mike Coppola/Getty Images)