Imagine you’ve just woke up from an amazing nap and noticed a weird, red bump on your arm. It’s nothing painful, but you can’t stop yourself from scratching it. Worried that you might have been bit by a big, scary spider in your sleep, you go straight to Dr. Google to find out the cause of the itchy bump.

We’ve all done it. With Google at the tips of our fingers, it’s so easy to search medical symptoms and try to find answers through the Internet. Unfortunately, this isn’t the best strategy for finding a treatments for medical conditions. In fact, new research from QUT’s Information Systems School found only about three out of 10 search engine results are highly useful for self diagnosis. While it might be tempting to rely on WebMD for all your medical concerns, there are far more effective resources for diagnosing your medical symptoms. Here are six apps that will have you feeling better in no time.


1. HealthTap: When you’re in immediate need of medical advice and can’t get to a doctor’s office right away, HealthTap can connect you with a physician at any time for a live consultation. Doctors can provide you with advice and tips, and can even prescribe medical treatments and immediate care.

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2. iTriage: Created by two ER doctors, iTriage serves as your personal medical database whenever you’re in need of expert opinions. The medical and health advice provided through iTriage is reviewed by Harvard Medical School, which ensures the information is accurate.

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3. Heal: If you’re feeling ill and need medical attention immediately, Heal can bring a doctor to your house in under 60 minutes for $99. Touted as the Uber for doctor housecalls, Heal makes it easy for adults and children to get the care they need without leaving the comfort of their home.

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4. FirstLine: Have you been fighting a cold for a few weeks and aren’t sure if you should see a doctor? FirstLine allows you to text or call a doctor who will provide you with free medical advice. If the doctor determines you need medical attention, you can set up an in-home appointment directly through the app.

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5. Glow: Worried you missed your period this month? Glow helps you keep track of your menstrual cycle as well as ovulation, so you don’t have to guess when you’ll have your next period. It also allows you to record your mood, symptoms and any medications you might be on.

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first derm (1)

6. First Derm: Did a strange rash recently appear on your stomach or are you struggling with bad acne? Send a photo of your skin concern anonymously to First Derm and receive an answer within 24 hours from a board-certified dermatologist.

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What apps do you trust for medical advice? Let us know in the comments below!