bella hadid

What’s the fun in gawking over celebs + their lifestyles if you can never actually partake in any of those glamorous actions? With the help of a new food app, similar to Foodspotting, you can finally take that digital food stalking + celeb fangirling into the real world by indulging in some of their fave dishes (sans celeb sitting next to you). Cheers to neverending food porn courtesy of this tasty download.

wine n dine app

Wine ‘N Dine (free on iOS) is a new food-centered app that allows users to discover and share dishes (good + bad) with friends/followers. Acting as a #foodporn-only Instagram-like outlet, digital foodies can snap a plate pic, geotag that restaurant + include the name of the menu item so everyone is aware of what to order or pass on when the time comes to make a reservation at the hottest spot in town or on vacation. See a meal you want to try but you aren’t close enough to book a table? Add it to your “Wanna Try” list so you don’t forget about it when you finally (if ever?) make your way to that exotic spot you saw Khloe Kardashian posting about. We’ve got big dreams, people!

wine n dine app

For food lovers, the best part about the app is without a doubt the endless photos of delicious-looking indulgences. But for the online celeb spectators looking for another outlet to get a closer glimpse into the lives of their fave stars, the peek at the healthy and not-so-healthy meals some of the biggest names are chowing down on is even more fascinating. Whether it’s Kim Kardashian showing off BBQ ribs, Gigi Hadid with the hamburger selfie or other stars like Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, Miranda Kerr and Joe Jonas, you’ll kinda feel like your diet actually isn’t all that bad. Stars: They’re just like us — junk food + all.

Will you be DLing Wine ‘N Dine to get up to date on the fave plates of your fave celebs? Let us know in the comments.

(Photos via Wine ‘N Dine + @bellahadid)