WTF: Ketchup Cake Is a Real Thing
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WTF: Ketchup Cake Is a Real Thing

Heinz Ketchup: Who doesn’t love it? The brand has given us adorable Super Bowl commercials, inspired us to dream up a seriously cute DIY Halloween costume and, despite our current obsession with homemade pickled veg, ketchup will always be the OG burger topping. But the company’s latest effort to make the tomato condiment more mainstream is, err… interesting, to say the least.

Redditor Big_Black_Cat Greg Nuttle tipped off the Internet to a CRAZY recipe suggestion found on the back of Heinz ketchup bottles in Canada, and we haven’t stopped scratching our heads since: The recipe is for a — get this — ketchup cake. That’s right: a cake filled with ketchup. Eek!

In case you think this is a joke, let us assure you that the recipe is proudly displayed on the Kraft Canada website in its full glory. Dubbed the Great Canadian Heinz Ketchup Cake, this little concoction was supposedly “created to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Heinz in Canada,” and apparently, “This showstopping cake tastes as good as it looks. If you are a fan of carrot cake, you’ll want to try this recipe!” We’re not gonna’ lie — we have our doubts.

Greg actually decided to give it a go on everyone’s behalf and documented the entire baking process and final result on Reddit and YouTube. He made sure to capture the tasting and verdict on video, and we’ve gotta’ say: The results will surprise you. “Alright folks, final verdict… it’s not bad,” declared Greg. “I mean, I’m not putting it in my weekly rotation or anything, but honestly not bad.” Bonus? His dog loved it too!

If your interest is piqued enough that you just have to try ketchup cake for yourself, here are all the ingredients you’ll need (you probs have most of them already): And don’t worry if some of the ingredients leave you feeling utterly confused (looking at you, MAGIC baking powder). You’re not alone, as hundreds of Redditors were completely perplexed by a number of items on this list, but luckily, the_honest_liar was there to help make sense of it all. “I’m Canadian, and I realized I’ve never seen anything BUT Magic baking powder,” they wrote. “Only brand sold in Canada. Also, didn’t realize other places didn’t call it icing sugar. This recipe is entirely Canadian.”

Find out (if you dare!) how to make this bad boy step-by-step here, and in the meantime, watch Greg’s taste test below!

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