It happens to everyone: You wake up one morning, stretch your arms, flex your claws, nuzzle your partner, check your phone and realize that — oh snap —you’re totally turning into a cat RIGHT NOW. Don’t panic. Turning into a cat is a natural part of life. While frank discussions about whether or not you’re really a cat are unfortunately still controversial in many American classrooms (ugh, hello, it’s 2016?), know that it’s not your fault that you’re absolutely actually a cat. If you’re still not totally sure who to ask about your current cat status, here’s a simple list of Pet + Co-approved signs that point to you being a meowing, tail-having, litterbox-using felus catis.

scratchy toy cat

1. You’re weirdly obsessed with things that are covered in carpet. Things covered in carpet are basically your favorite objects in the world, and the toothier the loop, the better. Maybe you even have a whole tower or house wrapped in the stuff, unless you live with cheapskate humans who only provided you with a small panel of it (as pictured above). No matter; that little slab of wood wrapped in carpet is your bestie. You’re guarding those inches of carpet with your life… until you rip them to shreds, LOL.

sitting on mail cat

2. You can’t resist sitting on mail. You love when the mail carrier comes, because it means there will be new rectangles to sit on. Bills are pretty dope, but magazines are even better. Maybe (!!) today’s delivery will even bring you a box.

salad cat

3. Everything you do gets photographed. You’re so used to the click of an iPhone camera that you no longer bother to stop eating the nearest human’s leftovers to catch some privacy. Your next move is going on Instagram in the next 20 seconds, and you don’t even care. Whatever. Sigh. YOLO.


4. You’re asleep right now. In a sun spot.

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