Using your phone while driving is an absolute no-no: a fact which should, by now, be totally obvious. Whether you’re talking, texting, or attempting to access a new app, it’s common knowledge that even a split-second of distraction can lead to horrifying consequences. Considering that there are plenty of handy-dandy options out there to help you deal with your phone while driving, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Yet, despite it all, a new study has found that the number of people using their phones while behind the wheel is not a small one: In fact, it’s kinda scary.

women on phone while driving

According to new research from Zendrive, “Americans use their phones nearly every single time they get behind the wheel.” What? Why? …No!

Using data from 3.1 million drivers who took 570 million trips covering 5.6 billion miles nationwide (that’s a lot of zeroes!) between December 2016 and February 2017, researchers found that drivers were using their phones 88 percent of the time. The study also revealed that during an hour-long trip, drivers spent an average of three and a half minutes using their phones.

While states with laws banning cell phone use while driving did work to reduce the time in which cell phones were used, it wasn’t enough to eliminate the practice completely.

As Zendrive noted, “This finding is frightening, especially when you consider that a two-second distraction is long enough to increase your likelihood of crashing by over 20 times. In other words, that’s equivalent to 105 opportunities an hour that you could nearly kill yourself and/or others.”

So what can you do to stop distracted driving and prevent the possible heartbreaking consequences? Well, stop using your phone while driving, for one, or, if you’re the passenger, make sure the driver doesn’t use their phone either. It’s just not worth it.

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(h/t Wired; photo via Spencer Platt /Getty)