While there are still questions about who exactly will be moving into the White House as the Trump administration is set to take over (with a possibly cringe-worthy celeb-light inauguration), we have no doubt that there are plenty of folks across the country who wouldn’t mind the chance to live in one of the most famous homes in the world. So how much do you think it would cost to buy the White House? The answer may shock you.

White House

The fine real estate folks over at Zillow crunched the numbers and considered all of the aspects that the one-of-a-kind home offers in order to come up with an estimated price tag.

So what would be your guess? A few million? Perhaps closer to 100 million? Or would you put it at the top of the budget-busters somewhere in the billions?

White House _ Blue Room

If you guessed anywhere close to $397.9 million, then you’re basically a real estate psychic, because that’s exactly the number Zillow has priced the historical home at (a 15 percent rise in the eight years that the Obamas have called it home).

Let’s break that down a little: If you took out a mortgage for the White House at today’s common rate, your monthly payments would be about $1.6 million, while a renter would fork over just above $2 million per month. That’s even an upgrade for Trump, whose NYC penthouse is valued at around $100 million.

White House _ aerial view

With 55,000 square feet of space, 132 rooms, 32 bathrooms, 18 acres of land, a basketball court, tennis courts, a library and a sun room — not to mention the Oval Office and all that jazz — it also boasts Michelle Obama’s veggie garden (which she’s taken steps to protect).

Check out the White House website to get a peek inside the incredible home, or watch the video below provided by the Obama administration, featuring inclusive sign-language translations.

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(h/t People; photos via Diego Cambiaso + Barry Winiker + Glowimages/Getty)