It’s no secret that the boys of One Direction have had their reported differences: Since their *official* split back in 2016, there have been reports of rivalries and feuds, like that time Liam Payne dissed Zayn Malik for leaving the band, or when he made a subtle dig at Harry Styles’ new music. In a new interview, however, former 1D member Malik admits that while he’s mostly on good terms with his former bandmates (fights and all), he’s not in contact with Harry Styles. According to him, they “never really spoke” — even when in the band.

Speaking with Us Weekly after hosting the outlet’s Most Stylish New Yorkers party, Malik said, “To be honest, I never really spoke to Harry even when I was in the band. So I didn’t really expect that much of a relationship with him when I left. And I haven’t [had one] to be honest.” Ouch!

Still, the “Dusk ‘Till Dawn” singer, who has moved forward with his own solo career post-1D, isn’t ruling out all hope of a group reunion.

“Who knows? I’ve said it before: Never say never,” he told Us Weekly. “If I wanted to come back in 10, 15 years’ time, then yeah, why not? I don’t know. If I didn’t want to [be in the band] then, I might not. It just depends on how I’m feeling at that time.”

For now, Malik is enjoying the slower pace of his life. “We were basically going at, like, 500 miles per hour. We did everything to an extreme in the band,” he recalled. “[Now] it’s not as full on, it’s not as extreme, it’s not as in-your-face. It’s at my own pace. So this way, it feels 100 times more manageable. It’s just easier. It’s a lot less work.”

It’s also more to his personal tastes, which run the gamut of musical genres. “I don’t really like to stick to one genre and go off of that. I like to do whatever I’m feeling that day, whatever’s feeling good,” the 24-year-old explained. “There’s still a lot of soulful R&B tunes on there, there’s some club tunes on there, there’s some more obvious pop songs as well.”

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(Photo via Jamie McCarthy/Getty)