It’s no secret that we’re attached at the hip to our iPhones here at Brit + Co. We love them so much that we even built an app that makes our website even more mobile! And now we’re pleased to bring you 10 fun ways to customize your phone, from 3D printing to custom photos to gorgeously engraved wood.

1. Casetagram ($35): Want to turn your gorgeous Instagram photos into an iPhone case? There’s a site for that! We love the different options for tiling patterns and shapes.

2. JackBacks ($79+): We don’t know what it is about adding woodgrain to your tech, but it gets us every time. Our favorite product by JackBacks is the real wood iPhone back replacement. You can upload whatever artwork you like, place it in the template, and order! (P.S. If you really love Nintendo in wood form, you must check out this coffee table and these retro tech iPhone cases.)

3. Kees ($50+): We’ve written about this one before, but we still love the playful lines and options for total customization. Choose patterns, designs, and throw your very own text on the side.

4. Shapeways The Vibe ($25 ): Got a song you love so much you want to carry a visual representation of them on your iPhone at all times? One of our fave 3D printing companies has teamed up with Soundcloud to create The Vibe. A 3D-printed iPhone case based on your favorite sound. We love it!

5. Uncommon ($35+ ): Uncommon creates cases with your images using high quality polymers ensuring your case is vivid and long-lasting. If you don’t have an image you want to use but are looking for inspiration, choose from their ready-made collection!

6. Gelaskins ($15+): Another one that turns your photos into iPhone flair, Gelaskins create custom skins ($15) or cases ($35) using your art and photos. More importantly, they are one of the few companies on this list that also makes skins and cases for Blackberry, Androids, and more. And they do have their own collection of patterns to choose from.

7. Rokform ($49): Described as more than a case but a system, the Rokbed is made from tough polycarbonate that is reinforced in critical areas, protecting your iPhone from six directions.

8. Good Wood ($50): Our second wood option, this custom case (not a back or a skin) engraves your artwork into a variety of different wood options. Like the others, if you don’t have a design you love, you can check out their gallery.

9. Zazzle ($40+ ): When in customization doubt, you can always turn to Zazzle. Not only do they have a million different patterns and photos, but you can easily create and upload your own.

10. NeoStitch ($7): This one will have your friends in stitches…? Ok but seriously, this is an amazing combination of old school crafting and new school tech. We’ve written about it before and we’ll probably write about it again – it’s totally our jam.

Or If you already have a case but it’s a little beat up, trick it out with lace, paper, wood paper, or even a button! Bonus, if you have an extra silicone iPhone case, use it to create your very own chocolate iPhone.

Know of any cool companies creating custom iPhone cases we didn’t mention? Talk to us in the comments below or come find us on Twitter.