We all know that “there’s an app for that” and in fact, we tend to write about really useful apps here on Brit + Co. all the time. But, what kind of hypocrites would we be if we weren’t also app developers ourselves? Sure, we’ve created web applications like our social wedding website creator, Weduary, but our bigger fascination these days has been all about mobile. That’s why we’ve spent the past couple of months designing, coding, iterating and then iterating some more on the brand new Brit + Co. app for iOS.

Why a mobile app, you ask? Turns out, more than 30% of our growing website traffic these days is coming from mobile devices. I suppose that’s not too surprising given that there are nearly 5 billion mobile phone users in the world today. Compare that to the 1 billion or so PC users and you’ll start to understand what I’ve known for awhile now: mobile is where the party’s at!

For those of you who have been readers for awhile now (we love you guys!), let me be the first to agree that our mobile experience has been rather sucky up until now. But alas, those days are over. Welcome to a new world of big, beautiful photos, extremely readable text, easy sharing and commenting, simple navigation and notifications for unread posts. The best part? No ads! The second best part? It’s really, really pretty (or at least I tend to think so).

While this app is currently only available for iPhone users, we have also optimized our mobile website (just go to www.brit.co from your phone’s browser) to give a similar high quality experience on other platforms as well.

Keep an eye out for more features and updates on their way. There are more than a handful of fun things up our sleeves ;) We are really excited to deliver a better mobile experience to you guys and hope you love this app as much as we do.

You can download the app here. Enjoy!