While we can't live without the latest and greatest gadgets, apps, and hacks, we’ve gotta give props to our tech forefathers. We've shown you the totally incredible Nintendo Controller Table (that actually works when hooked up to your Nintendo!) and the gorgeous Mixtape Table, and today we're all about iPhone cases that look like retro tech.

1. Game Boy Case ($1-$3): You may recall us writing about this classic Game Boy case back in December. As luck would have it, these cases are now available in a whole rainbow of colors, all under $3, most under $2! Old school tech with old school prices? We'll take it.

2. Retro Controller Case ($15): Looking to channel your inner Mario Kart champ? This case looks just like an old school Nintendo Controller. The buttons don’t do anything, but you’ll get major old school style points.

3. Cassette Case ($2): Bringing the art of the mixtape to coffee tables and iPhone cases? Yes please! Your phone is where your most prized playlists live these days anyway, why not give it an emo 80s outfit? And if you like to mix it up (har, har), go for the 3-pack of Red, Gray and Black for $6.

4. Twin Reflex Camera Case ($17): Love the look of old school cameras but can’t live without your new tech? Get the best of both worlds with this slim hard plastic case with a gorgeous Twin Reflex camera image printed on the back.

5. Retro Camera ($11): Another optical illusion case, this looks just like a classic point and shoot. We like the sleek simplicity of the case combined with the cozy nostalgic look of the camera.

6. Polaroid Camera Decal ($6): Not wild about the whole case thing? Go for a decal of a sweet looking white Polaroid camera instead!

7. Hard Shell Calculator Case ($11): Sentimental for your TI-85? Or perhaps your very first solar-powered basic calculator? If you’re like us, you likely use your phone for your calculator as well among a million other handy dandy mobile tools. Calculate like your inner nerd with this little number.

8. Colorful Silicone Calculators ($3): Or maybe you’re all about the digits but need more color. This silicone case comes in just about every color under the sun. We’re particularly loving the red and orange variety.

9. Early Cell Phone iPhone Case ($12): Yes we’ve written about this one before, but we can’t resist any reference to Saved by the Bell we can get. All you need is a bit of neon and this case to channel your inner Zack Morris. Oh, and it's also available in white if you're more into a Miami Vice aesthetic.

10. Payphone Case ($17): More a decorative case than a retro tech illusion, this gorgeously printed hard shell case depicts a classic rotary payphone.

11. Gizmon Black Camera ($55): Yes, $55 is a lot to drop for an iPhone case that pretends to be a camera but this is a high-quality gadget if we’ve ever seen one. It’s made up of 32 pieces of polycarbonate parts, it works with all sorts of fun lenses, a custom camera app, and comes with a tripod, pouch, and mock lens.

Bonus: Retro Mac (Not Available): We realize it's a little cruel to share these with you only to tell you they're not available but… we're doing it anyway. These cases capture classic Apple tech in the newest way possible. Keep your eyes on this site to see if these pop up again, though we doubt the folks at Apple condone this type of case behavior.

What retro tech would you like to see in the form of an iPhone case? Got any favorites from the list above? Or any that we’re missing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or come find us on Twitter.