Weekends are sacred. And we’re all about preserving every last possible second of free time you have. So, because our New Year’s resolution was to be more giving and charitable, we’re giving you the gift that keeps on giving: time. Don’t spend one more second debating what you should watch. We’ve done the hard part for you and put together a list of the 10 shows and movies worth streaming this weekend. Now you can spend your free time doing something more enjoyable… like maybe writing us a thank-you note?


1. Runaway Bride on Hulu: Relive classic Richard Gere/Julia Roberts in this 1999 flick about a reporter who’s assigned to write a story about a woman who has left a string of lovers at the altar. (Photo via Paramount Pictures)

2. Footloose on Hulu: Kick off your Sunday shoes and go back to the ’80s with Kevin Bacon. (Photo via Paramount Pictures)


3. Bates Motel on Netflix: Things get real creepy real fast in this prequel series to Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. (Photo via Netflix)

4. The A Word on Amazon: This new BBC show follows a five-year-old boy with autism and his family. It’s a touching miniseries you’ll binge right through if you’re a sucker for family dramas. (Photo via BBC)


5. The Blues Brothers on HBO: Reach deep and find your inner soul man and then let things get funky with this classic comedy from 1980. (Photo via Universal Pictures)

6. Across The Universe on Hulu: This musical tribute to the music of The Beatles is also a great way to spend your afternoon stepping back in time to the 1960s. (Photo via Revolution Studios)


7. She’s All That on Amazon: Freddie Prinze, Jr. plays a jock who gives a nerdy girl a makeover — only to get much, much more than he ever bargained for. If nothing else, watch it for Lil’ Kim. (Photo via Miramax)

8. What Happened, Ms. Sykes? on Hulu: Wanda Sykes is a comedy legend. Tune in for her newest one-hour comedy special for an evening filled with LOLs. (Photo via Epix)


9. Nancy Drew on Netflix: Throw it back to childhood with this flick wherein Emma Roberts plays Nancy Drew, out to solve a Hollywood mystery. (Photo via Warner Bros)

10. Amelie on Hulu: Any Francophile worth their weight in baguettes cites this as one of their favorite films about Paris. In it, Audrey Tatou runs about the city trying to solve mysteries only she has uncovered. (Photo via Miramax)

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(Featured photo via Miramax)