We *love* that physical planners are the new “it” organizational trend — so much so that we decided to release a brand-new Target collection of Brit + Co Planners, including eight different personalizable agenda spirals and binders, plus dozens of fun accessories like stickers, magnetic bookmarks, patches, sticky notes, washi tape, and pocket folders. But because we want to actually stick to using our planner (as opposed to giving up after a week and using it as a chic coffee coaster), we thought we should probably learn a few tricks to help us get started in the trendy planner world. Let’s get planning!

1. Choose a planner that’s customizable to your particular needs. While choosing a planner that is drop-dead gorgeous is *always* important, it’s equally vital to consider investing in a planner that you can customize to your individual day-to-day requirements. Are you someone who only needs to jot down one or two things per day? Then monthly inserts might do the trick. Are you a lady who likes to doodle and color? Perhaps some additional coloring pages might be helpful. Whatever your needs are, make sure your personal planner has all the essentials you need (or space to add them in later!) so you’re all set to start planning.

2. Pick a planner you can feasibly carry around with you. Part of keeping up with a planner is having it physically with you when spontaneous plans get made — whether that’s when your boss casually mentions a new meeting next week or when you’re out at the doctor and they want to schedule a follow-up. If you’re the type of gal who can handle carrying around an extra-large planner in their backpack, then go for it! But if you’re notorious for leaving the house with a teensy clutch, be mindful of size when you’re choosing your next go-to planner.

3. Fill in birthdays, annual events, and vacations as soon as you bring your planner home from the store. Now that you’ve decided which planner to call your own, you’re going to want to mark in all of your important events PRONTO. Check Facebook for all your important birthdays and write them down in your planner immediately so you know exactly when to send Grandma’s card or mail your bestie’s prezzie. Not only will this help you avoid sending the dreaded belated card, but it will also help you stay motivated to keep filling in your planner, as you’ve already started filling in a little each month.

4. Schedule a daily planner sesh in the a.m. Part of keeping up with your planner is scheduling some dedicated time each day to help fill in your daily to-dos and same-day events. We prefer taking a little time in the morning to fill in the day’s tasks while we sip on our much-needed cup o’ joe.

5. Splurge on some cute extras. We’re totally of the mindset that having a few cute stationery pieces will definitely inspire us to use our planners more… plus they look uber-cute in organizational Instagram pics (just saying). Whether you invest in washi tape, stickers, or binder clips, having a few adorable extras is definitely motivation to keep up with your agenda.

6. Use sticky notes to your advantage. Decorative planning is definitely on-trend right now. And while we love creating a custom planner aesthetic with creative goodies, it can sometimes make us feel uneasy when we have to quickly jot down an important note and ruin our well-planned spread. If this sounds like you, we *highly* suggest investing in some cute sticky notes. They’re a great way to get your ideas down without having to commit them to your planner indefinitely.

7. Use check marks to acknowledge your accomplishments. Finished that extra-hard work assignment? Make sure you give yourself the credit you deserve by using a check mark (or another custom symbol) to acknowledge that you slayed your task. It’ll make you feel super-productive AND ensure you’re looking at your planner throughout the day.

8. Follow planner Instagrammers for inspiration. We love following inspirational chicks on Instagram for fitness motivation and #OOTDs… so why should it be any different when it comes to planner inspo? Here’s a list of awesome planner girls on Instagram to get you started. Not only will you get a ton of great ideas to better organize and decorate your planner, but whenever they come up in your feed, you’ll get a free reminder to start planning. Win-win!

9. Use your note pages wisely. Most planners come with several blank note pages that you can use for whatever you wish. But before you forget about them entirely, we suggest taking the time to brainstorm how you’re going to use them as soon as you pick out your new planner. Whether you want to map out your annual goals, track your kiddo’s milestones, or simply reserve it as a place to store extra work notes, using this space to your advantage will help you keep on top of your planning and track what matters to you.

10. Don’t be afraid to experiment. We totally understand that pretty planner spreads are definitely #goals, but don’t stress too much about making your planner look full or Instagram-perfect. Take risks with new organizational strategies and test out new decorating goodies whenever you get the chance. In other words, have fun with your planner, lady!

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