Interested in making your long-distance BFF something handmade for the holidays, but worried about the journey and the cost it takes to get there? Don’t leave your girl hangin’! Here to help you get it done is our handy DIY gift guide, sponsored by FedEx, which includes 11 gift ideas that are all easy to make AND ship. We’ll recommend which ones to send to your bestie across the country, a few states over or just across the state.


I WANT ALL OF IT. Don’t you?! Scroll down to find links to tutorials for each and every one of these gifts above, organized by distance!



Small, flat, and lightweight objects are the name of the game for long-distance gifting, because they’ll cost much less to ship! If your BFF is all the way across the country, these four DIY’d items are the way to go. Keep on scrollin’ for links to each.


1. DIY Easy Knit Circle Scarf: This light, fluffy scarf is (surprisingly) a cinch to make compared to normal knitting and will be her go-to accessory all winter long.


2. DIY Faux Fur Vest: Omg, you guys. This is the easiest DIY ever. Click over to see how you can make a trendy statement piece with literally just some faux fur and a pair of scissors. You’re welcome!


3. DIY Gold Foil Notebook: Gold makes everything fancy, even this humble little notebook. Draw little doodles of your bestie’s favorite things or letter an inside joke to make it really special.


4. DIY Shoulder Duster Earrings: You likely know her style better than anyone else, so don’t be afraid to pick up the pliers and make a set of custom earrings for her. Get crazy and try mis-matching them too!


All four of these fluffy, flat and teeny gifts easily lend themselves to long distance, because they are light enough to keep your costs low, while still making a nice personal statement.

Shipping Tip: Keep rain, snow and other elements out of your box during the journey by sealing all the flaps and seams, using proper packing tape (no duct or masking tape) that is at least two inches wide, and make the shape of an “H” when taping seams.


Ooooh what do we have here? Cozy, shiny gifts arriving intact and on time for holiday fun!



For mid-range distances, say a few states over, you can start to push the boundaries a bit with slightly larger or heavier objects. Read on for the deets!


5. DIY Painted Brushstroke Purse: About to toot my own horn, but I made this one myself and IT’S AWESOME. This little cross-body bag is equally good for winter and spring outfits and all you need is a lick of paint to make it happen!


6. DIY Sequin Mermaid Pillow: This sequin pillow is the business. The key is finding a two-way sequin fabric and then the rest is easily done in minutes (as long as you’re not distracted for hours by all the fun patterns you can make in it!).


7. DIY Agate Slice Coasters: These little slices of gemstone heaven are uber classy for the 10 minutes it will take you to make them! Just grab a paint pen and turn these raw slices into pretty personalized coasters.


Grab some bubble wrap for these guys and they’re good to go!

Shipping Tip: If your item is sturdy or fragile, take a second to prep it before throwing it in the box. If your item is an irregular shape (like these agate coasters), use bubble wrap to “square off” any odd angles to protect them during shipment. If your item is shallow or hollow inside, like the purse above, fill that space to protect it — bubble wrap or firmly crumpled paper will work just fine!


YEEE! Nothing better than receiving all these glam gifts in one package!



Now that you’ve sent off the fluffy, light stuff, save your heaviest gifts for your girl in the same state. This is where a lot of the DIY homewares come in, so get excited and read on for tutorial links!


8. DIY Paint Pen “Chalkboard” Mug: Get the look of chalkboard without actually smudging your beautiful design every time you pick up your drink! We know, genius, and just a paint pen away!


9. DIY Air Dry Clay Planter: Create any shape you want with air dry clay, and add a pop of her favorite color. Finish with an air plant and send it on its way!


10. DIY Dip-Dyed Rope Bowls: These dreamy dip-dyed bowls are like a summer vacation, and I want to go to there. Make your own with just a bit of rope, fabric dye and a glue gun!


11. DIY Wood Burnt Pineapple Cutting Board: Last, but not least, turn any wood homeware item into a personalized piece of functional art with a wood burning tool! Bonus points if you can snag a trendy shaped board to burn your designs onto!


These last few gifts may take a bit more wrapping work, but it’ll all be worth it when they get to their new home!

Shipping Tip: Don’t be afraid to use two boxes to ship a breakable item! Cushion your item with at least three inches of bubble wrap or other cushioning material and seal it in a box. Place that box within a second, slightly larger box with another layer of cushioning. All that added padding may seem like a lot, but trust us — it’s better to be safe than sorry!


OMG, she’s way too cute. And clearly stoked after opening her handmade gifts!

Sponsored by FedEx.

Author: Lee Schellenberger

Photography: Brittany Griffin
Models: Anjelika Temple, Brittany Griffin, Irene Lee