This summer has been all about the shoulders, fashion wise. From effortless chic off-the-shoulder styles to these swingin’ shoulder duster earrings, we’re completely on board with the easy-breezy look and had to give this new jewelry trend a DIY try. Turns out these are CRAZY EASY to make, so we whipped up two versions in about 15 minutes.


Scroll down to see how we made these dainty drops (on the left) and their fancy fringey counterparts!



  • jewelry chain
  • jewelry wire
  • 4 ear hooks (with an open ring at the bottom)
  • 2 large jump rings
  • 4 gold tube beads
  • rose quartz beads
  • ruler


  • wire cutters
  • jewelry pliers

Single Chain Drop Earrings


This first pair is a total cinch and goes with EVERYTHING. I’m definitely wearing these to work, brunch and maybe a fancy shindig or two after this. Scroll down to get the lowdown!


Cut a piece of wire to about four inches and string on five or six of your rose quartz beads. Bend the two ends of your wire upwards and twist them around each other a couple of times to create a little flower with the quartz beads. Snip off one of the two wire ends so that it is shorter than a vertical tube bead.


Thread that little tube bead over your wire so that it covers the twists at the top of the flower. Set aside.


Next, cut a piece of chain to about 3.25 inches using your wire cutters.


Thread the wire from your quartz flower through the very last link on your 3.25-inch chain, twist the wire around itself a few times and trim the excess off with the wire cutters.


Carefully bend open the ring at the bottom of an ear hook by twisting it sideways with your pliers. Slip the other end of your chain onto the open ring and then close it back up using your pliers. If the ear hooks you have don’t open at the bottom, you can always connect the hooks to the chain using a separate jump ring or a little bit of jewelry wire.


Repeat for your second earring and these babies are ready to wear!

Chain Fringe Earrings


Next up is a close cousin of those little drops, but with some flowy chain fringe! If you’re a more is more kinda gal, these fringey beauties are perfect for adding some movement to your getup! The process is fairly similar to the previous one, but we’ll show you exactly how we did it below.


Start with a rose quartz flower and tube bead strung together on wire, exactly like we did for the previous pair. This time, you’ll thread the long wire end through the ring at the bottom of an ear hook.


Tightly twist the wire around itself a few times and trim down the end with your wire cutters. Set aside for now.


Next, cut five pieces of chain to about 6.5 inches each with your wire cutters. These don’t have to be super exact but should look approximately the same length.


One at a time, string each piece of chain onto a large open jump ring at the middle, making sure that the jump ring goes through a link in the chain. Repeat for all five pieces.


While the jump ring is still open, string it onto your quartz flower (that has already been attached to an ear hook), and then close it back up with your pliers.


Repeat for earring #2 and you’re good to go!


We had to show these little guys dancing around just one more time!


Even better, break the rules a little bit and mix and match one of each!

How would you make your own shoulder duster earrings? Show us your project by tagging us on Instagram + using the hashtag #iamcreative!

DIY Production, Styling and Modeling: Lee Schellenberger

Photography: Brittany Griffin