To kick off sandwich week here at Brit, we got to thinking about how you simply can't go wrong with a classic sandwich. Grilled Cheese, Reuben, Turkey, Club, Monte Cristo, Roast Beef, PB&J, Banh Mi. They're always good, simple to make, and have inspired t-shirts, photo projects, and even have a national day. But, the sandwich game can border on monotonous day in and day out. So, naturally, we took it upon ourselves to scour the web for a dozen creative, delicious, gourmet takes on the classic sandwich. (P.S. There are grilled cheese croutons involved.)

1. Shredded Pork Banh Mi Bites: Definitely the newest classic on the block here in the states, this staple Vietnamese sandwich serves up a surprisingly delicious combination of fresh pickles, daikon, flavorful pork meat and tender sprigs of cilantro all on crusty french bread. Seeing as we love everything in bite form, these are right up our alley. (Recipe and photo: White On Rice)

2. Reuben Egg Rolls: Reuben. Egg. Rolls. The move of putting a sandwich in an egg roll is not done often enough, and we just might have some sandwich-inspired dumplings up our sleeve. On a related note, mac and cheese in an egg roll is also exquisite. (Recipe and photo: Simple Comfort Food)

3. Club Sandwich Salad: The deconstructed club is a delicious somewhat gourmet take on our favorite triangular sandwich. This version includes smoked bacon, heirloom tomatoes, grilled chicken breast and a totally addictive creamy lemon-mustard dressing. (Recipe and photo: Clare Cooks)

4. Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes: Chicken salad gets a healthy bite size update in this cute canapé. This recipe takes texture seriously, and adds refreshing water chestnuts and chopped celery. We'd love to try a take on this using curried chicken salad and cucumber cups. (Recipe and photo: A Zesty Bite)

5. BLT Soup: Your favorite soup you never knew existed. The perfect combination of creamy, smokey, and savory, this soup gets a major (totally unnecessary but awesome) upgrade with a side of grilled cheese for dipping. Sandwich sandwich? Yes please. (Recipe and photo: Soup Addict)

6. Piquillo Peppers Stuffed With Tuna Salad: Tuna salad is one of those things that tends to be a bachelor pad staple. First, tuna comes in a can which makes it invincible. Second, all you really need is mayo and bread to finish the job. But it's time to spice things up, Spanish style. Roast up some spicy sweet piquillo peppers and fill with tuna salad and artichokes. So good! (Recipe and photo: Bitchin' Camero)

7. Cornucopia Turkey Rolls: Employing a pretty genius dixie cup plus aluminum foil method for keeping the roll open, these rolls are ideal for Thanksgiving leftovers. And no, it's never too early to start thinking of creative ways to use turkey day leftovers. ;) (Recipe and photo: Diamonds for Dessert)

8. The Opulent Open Face: Based on the classic diner open-face roast beef sandwich, this 5 star piece of seared bison features potatoes dauphinoise and a rich bordelaise sauce. (Recipe and photo: Tasty Trix)

9. Tomato Soup With Grilled Cheese Croutons: Talk about comfort food. Nothing makes us feel as cozy and warm as tomato soup with grilled cheese, so it's only obvious that the two should get even closer. We can see grilled cheese croutons becoming fast friends with just about every soup we love. (Recipe and photo: Closet Cooking)

10. Monte Cristo Rolls: I think we can all agree that everything is better when you add puff pastry. These Monte Cristo Rolls are no exception and, paired with raspberry preserves, are a perfect bite for brunch! (Recipe and photo: Better Recipes)

11. PB&J Pie Sticks: Wait, I wonder if we can make that a pop? That's a question that pops (couldn't resist) up here at Brit HQ all the time. Well, these PB&J Pie Sticks do just that but with a warm, rustic, handmade feel. Perhaps pie sticks will be the new cake pops? (Recipe and photo: Spoon Fork Bacon)

12. Elvis Panini: And finally, a sandwich fit for a king. The King, in fact. Known for favoring a good old Peanut Butter and Banana sandwich (also a favorite of our founder, Brit), this panini throws in a few slices of thick-cut bacon grilled to the point of smokey sweetness. Yum. (Recipe and photo: Ezra Poundcake)

Stay tuned for more sandwichery all week! And if you've got a homespun sandwich-inspired recipe we've just gotta hear about, find us on Twitter or say hi in the notes below.