It’s officially October which means it’s time for us to dive headfirst into Halloween! From tricks to treats, you can bet this month will be packed to the brim with creative costume ideas, hacks on your favorite Halloween treats, and a chance or two for you to flex your creative Halloween muscles. But for now, here are 12 recipes that get us in the mood for trick-or-treating from all over the web.

1. Dracula’s Dentures: Marshmallows as teeth? We love it! We definitely did a double take when we came across these dentures. Could also come in handy if you’re getting pumped up for the final installment of Twilight. ;) (Recipe and photo: The Girl Who Ate Everything)

2. Mashed Boo-tatoes: Adorable and ridiculously easy to prepare, these little ghosts are simply a dollop of mashed potatoes with black sesame seeds for eyes. So cute. (Recipe and photo: Martha Stewart)

3. 3D Pumpkin Cake: You may recall Brit tackling this impressive spherical cake last year. Turns out it’s not the hardest thing to do, and such a fun play on a pumpkin this fall. (Recipe and photo: Brit + Co.)

4. Veggie Skeleton: More a preparation than a recipe, we love this playful way to serve veggies during the Halloween season. This could also be a fun activity for kids to play with their food and eat their veggies. (Recipe and photo: The Kitchn)

5. Owl S’mores: We can’t very well have a sweet treats roundup without mention of s’mores, can we? These ones can be whipped up in the oven and are perfect for all those Halloween parties. (Recipe and photo: Living Locurto)

6. Chocolate Spider Cake in a Jar: Talk about taking the cake in a jar trend to the next level. This turns your jar into a full on canvas for spooky spiders. The top was created using parchment paper and chocolate melts. Genius! (Recipe and photo: I Am Baker)

7. Ghost Fruit: Any twist on the chocolate dipped strawberry is something we can get behind. Add chocolate chips, nonpareils or large sprinkles to create silly little characters for a gourmet play on trick or treating. (Recipe and photo: The Kitchn)

8. Eye-Popping Cake Pops: Well played Bakerella. Kind of the perfect way to take advantage of the googly-eyed cake pop shape. Stay tuned for our own batch of spooky scary cake pops later this week. (Recipe and photo: Bakerella)

9. Halloween Rice Krispie Cake: Sometimes you have to harken back to the classics, like Rice Krispie Treats. This throws those treats in a bunt cake pan with all sorts of halloween candy, and can easily be made vegan and/or gluten free. (Recipe and photo: Eating Richly)

10. Halloween Pizza: Grab some sliced cheese and a couple cookie cutters (or artsy knife skills) and create this fun and savory October treat. Shortcut chef tip: If you’re pressed for time but really want to make something creative, use a frozen DiGiorno pizza or pick something up from your local pizza shop, and simply add your own cheese ghosts and pumpkins. (Recipe and photo: Within the Kitchen)

11. Oreo Pumpkin Cheesecakes: We’re pretty sure oreos and cheesecake go together like… rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong. (Recipe and photo: Yummy Mummy Kitchen)

12. Mummy Dogs: When it comes to homemade corn dogs, crescent rolls are your best friend. Simply roll your crescent rolls into long strips, wrap about hot dogs, sausage, or veggie sausage, and bake. Use mustard for eyes. (Recipe and photo: The Culinary Tribune)

Oh and we came across quite a few totally scary-looking treats that look like witches’ or goblins’ fingers like this, this, and this. Not for the faint of heart.

What are your favorite homemade treats for trick-or-treating season? Let us know in the comments below or come say hi on Twitter. Happy Halloween Month!