We'll be the first to tell you, there's nothing more useful than a cup of freshly filtered coffee in the morning. But, the number of times we've bought the wrong type of filter for our coffee maker is countless. What to do with a random collection of coffee filters and a few household tools? Hack!

1. Fragile Packaging: You've already mastered our 12 Days of Wrapping, but what about packaging your fragile items? Accordion fold a few coffee filters, cut into strips, and not only is your package protected, it looks pretty festive too! (And yes, that is a Jambox

2. Paper Bouquet: You know we love making flowers out of newspaper and magazines, but coffee filters are an even more whimsical material. Because the filter is part paper part fabric, you can create a really fluffy arrangement with just a few filters!

3. Party Serving Bowls: Throwing a party for a bunch of toddlers or a bunch of rowdy grownups? If you can't get to the store to grab paper bowls, simply use a few coffee filters!

4. Pocket Notebooks: Great as a gift, these colorful notebooks are simple to make. Stack a bunch of coffee filters together and cut them into a rectangle. Use the coffee filter box (or any piece of cardboard) for a cover. Hole punch, string together, and voila!

5. Colorful Bunting: Maybe you already saw our tutorials on Super Simple Valentine's Day Bunting and our DIY Party In A Box. We can't get enough of bunting, and a little bit of watercolor painted on coffee filters creates a fresh springy look for any event.

6. Dangly Earrings: First, read up on our Neon Duct Tape Feathers. Now you know we love accessorizing with duct tape. Combining bright fluorescents with airy colored coffee filters is a style statement perfect for spring.

7. Laptop Cleaner: Neon-hued microfiber cloths aren't the only suitable for cleaning your screen. Dab a coffee filter with a little bit of water, and add this to your Digital Spring Cleaning bag of tricks.

8. Winter Blossom Centerpiece: It is indeed almost spring, but our plants are still looking pretty blossomless. Fake a cherry blossom look by cutting coffee filters into tiny circles and gluing onto a twig.

9. Boho String Lights: Spruce up those Christmas lights with a springtime touch. Grab a bunch of coffee filters, fold and cut up snowflake style. Staple over your string lights and hang!

10. Cupcake Liners: Forgot to grab the cupcake liners but already have your Skinny Cupcake batter all mixed up? Get scrappy, and let coffee filters do the work.

11. Tea Bags: If you've got loose leaf tea and want to make tea bags as gifts or for on-the-go, saddle up to your sewing machine and make your own tea bags. If you're using plain black tea, add a little lavender.

12. Scented Lavender Sachet: Speaking of lavender, coffee may be known for perking you up but you can also use that filter for a little aromatherapy action.

13. Bun Blossoms: Remember when we showed you a few unconventional ways to Spruce Up Your Buns? Add this one to the mix. Cut a few coffee filters so they're about 4 inches in diameter, stack them together and bunch up. Use string or wire to attach to a bobby pin and add a flowery touch to your up-do.

14. Face Blotters: As it turns out, coffee filters are made from a similar material as those overpriced face blotting pads you see all over the place. Cut up a stack of filters, place them in an old mint tin and you've got a purse-friendly set of blotters.

15. Earthy Window Hanging: Hearken back to your days as a budding flower child with this earthy how-to. Grab twine, small coffee filters and a handful of rocks and you're good to go. Bonus points if you've got a view of AT&T Park behind your wall hanging. ;)

Got any tricks for repurposing coffee filters we should know about? Leave us a note in the comments below or send a pic to us on Twitter.