Adulting can be a very elusive term. From choosing to spend a night in over barhopping to purchasing your first home, the modern definition of adulthood is definitely open to interpretation. Which is why, for those of us committed to taking adulting head on this year, it can seem quite daunting. But fret not! Being a grown up doesn’t always have to be a painstaking process, especially when you’ve laid down a solid foundation. To help you set achievable goals, we’ve partnered with IKEA® to provide you with 12 easy and necessary tips for getting your life organized, starting at home. And let’s be real: Who better to help us than IKEA® — they totally have their organization tips and tools on lock with their 2017 Stress-free Organization Guide (loaded with bonus ideas and inspo). So scroll on and take note, because this year we’re going to live our best lives, even if that means growing up (just a little bit).


1. Start your day right. Make your mornings easier and more efficient with a “Get Ready Station” that holds all of your essentials. Who has time (or space) for a full-blown vanity these days, anyway? That’s why we LOVE IKEA®’s customizable, affordable and easy-to-install ALGOT system. This combo with the hook and basket holds all of your necessary items. As an added bonus, the basket easily houses a makeup bag, making life much easier for a gal on the go.


2. Make sure everything has its own place. A little planning goes a long way. Even if you’ve been in the same space for years, there’s always time to give it a refresh and find homes for all of your essentials. Clear containers for your drawers and shelves can help create a more efficient and clutter-free existence.


3. Minimize your wardrobe to essential items. Simplify your life by minimizing your wardrobe choices to your everyday, go-to items. Keep a super classy look, while saving time getting ready in the a.m. Besides, the personal uniform is totally on trend.


4. Keep your sink clear of clutter. Get your bathroom looking clean and simplified — no need to display your endless beauty products and supplies. A clutter-free life leads to a calmer existence, so try out some boxes to store bottles, brushes and other bathroom knickknacks.


5. Put some thought into your home decor. Movie posters and neon alcohol signs may have been acceptable in college, but it’s time to carefully consider how you decorate your personal space. Let your personality shine and create a room that is an extension of your truest self. After all, home is where the *art* is.


6. Make the most of your drawer and closet space. Make good use of compartment boxes, storage baskets and organizing trays to maximize space in your closets and drawers. Socks can hang out with the socks and ties with ties when you use something like these SVIRA Boxes. Those little pieces can have a happy home, rather than getting lost in the universal sock drawer.


7. Make a nostalgia box. Sure, we hold most of our memories in our mind, but oftentimes we have items that supplement some of our fondest times. From baby pictures to letters from loved ones, these trinkets all need a place to be stored. Find a sturdy container to serve as your nostalgia box, so your sacred keepsakes are kept safe. Set aside more time than you think for this activity. Trips down memory lane are meant to be leisurely.


8. Organize your important papers. Parking tickets? Bank statements? Tax info? What’s one to do? Despite living in a digital world, we still get hit with real (old school) mail. This type of mail is often important and necessary to save for some time. Instead of throwing mail away or putting it in a “to be dealt with later” pile, it’s time to properly file things away. Trust us — it will save you a whole world of heartache and headache when something with your taxes goes awry two years later.


9. Get some houseplants (and keep them alive). Live plants make the air that you breathe cleaner, boost your mood and have been known to promote healing. If this isn’t enough reason to keep some alive, they also add some amazing decor accents and teach you a thing or two about taking care of something other than yourself.


10. Simplify your nightstand game. Make sure that it’s clean, simple and holds just the bare necessities. Getting a good night’s rest is something all grown ups need to keep in mind, as it leads to more productive mornings. We love this SELJE Nightstand with wireless charging.


11. Get a proper knife or two (or a full set). Part of being a grown up means that you SHOULD be able to cook a thing or two. Plus, eating in will save you some serious cash. So why not have the proper tools for the job? Now is the time to invest in and take care of a proper set of cooking knives.


12. Make exercising easier. Create a home gym space with all of your equipment in one place. You’re more likely to work out when you have less barriers to face, and when you have everything within arm’s reach, you’ll have no excuse. Not to mention, a healthier life leads to a happier life.

What home organization tips do you have? Check out some more of our home inspo on Pinterest.