The best thing about fall and winter style? Scarves, of course! We’ve already shown you 10 ways to turn a scarf into a vest. Now it’s time for 15 ways to innovate your look with just a scarf.

We used one thick pashmina-style scarf for half of the looks. For the rest, a classic silk scarf. Here we go!

1. Halter Scarf: Tie two corners around your neck and the other two around your waist. We recommend wearing a tube top or bandeau underneath and pairing with a blazer or peacoat for the work day.

2. Bow Tie Belt: For a different take on the scarf belt, tie your scarf like a bow tie around your waist. This adds a playful touch to an otherwise neutral look.

3. Giant Bow: Speaking of bows, we love the look of a giant bow right perched on your shoulder. Very Parisian.

4. Braided Twist: Coveting the sophisticated scarf styles you’ve seen on celebs? This one is more than just a loop and a pull-through. Here’s how to make it happen.

Fold your scarf in half and pull around your neck. Pull one end through the loop. Then twist the loop and pull the end through again. Voila!

5. Ruffle It Up: To add a little ruffle flair to a plain tank top, fold your scarf into a triangle. Drape over your shoulders and tie a small knot at the center. It’s the new “cardigan-over-a-sweater” look.

6. Purse in a Pinch: Love the boho look of this one! Tie a knot at each corner about 8-inches from the ends. Tie the ends together, and you’re done!

7. Poncho Vest: If you want a more permanent shoulder drape, turn your scarf into a circle scarf by tying the two ends. Twist in the front and wear!

8. Pencil Skirt: This is all about pulling the scarf tight to your hips. It may take a few tries to get your scarf just the way you want it to hang, but then it’s simply a matter of tying a knot.

9. Mini Turban: The 60s-style turban is uber chic and easy to create with any scarf. Click here for a thorough tutorial.

10. Pimp Out Your Ponytail: Feeling lazy and just want to put your hair up this morning? Pimp out that pony by tying a giant silk scarf at the base. Bonus points for braiding it into your hair.

11. Giant Tote: For this giant tote, the how-to is just like the smaller pouch above… but bigger :)

12. Statement Necklace: You know we can’t get enough of our statement necklaces! Tie a bunch of knots in a silk scarf to turn any scarf into a chic necklace.

13. Scarf Wrap: The how-to for this is similar to our scarf vest, but using a larger scarf. Tie a knot in the back and put on like a cardigan.

14. Silk Necktie: Love the look of a necktie but need something a little more feminine? Make it happen with a scarf.

15. One Shoulder Blouse: Love the Grecian look of this one! Tie a knot around one shoulder and another one at your waist.

And that’s a wrap… or a scarf! :)

What creative ways have you tried styling a scarf? Talk to us in the comments below.