We love figuring out ways to make old accessories new and exciting again. Yesterday we tackled old hoodies and we’ve been known to style up staple items from your closet 10 different ways. Well, accessories are no exception.

Sometimes that staple belt of yours just won’t cut it anymore, and you’ve never actually worn a skinny silk scarf. So, why not combine the two into a super versatile accessory? Introducing the Ultimate Scarf Belt, inspired by this little number ($57) found at Aspinal of London.


– an old belt or two

– silk scarves

– xacto knife

Don’t have a belt you’re ready to part with? Odds are just about any thrift store under the sun probably has a few for you to choose from, and will likely cost you under $5.

First thing to do is cut off the portion of the belt you’re going to use. Then use an xacto knife to cut out two small slits for your scarf to go through.

Fold your scarf so that it’s sort of a tube shape, and then slip through the slits you created. Tie a knot at each end and stuff excess scarf material back in the knot.


And it’s super easy to change out whenever you want a different look.

For a thicker belt, we recommend using three scarves. The process is more or less the same. Cut off the part of the belt you’re going to use.

Use an xacto knife to cut three slits on each side (six slits total).

Pull your scarves through, knot at both ends, and you’re done!

So versatile!

We love all the different looks you can achieve with this one simple accessory.

What do you think of this DIY scarf belt? Any ideas for other creative ways of repurposing old belts or scarves? Talk to us in the comments below.