Over the last few weeks, we’ve gone bananas over pumpkins. Actually, we’ve been pretty obsessed with Halloween in general, and what’s Halloween without a solid Jack-O-Lantern? For this year’s take on DIY decor, we got really into it on the pumpkin front and served up more than 10 different ways to carve (or not carve) your pumpkins.

Check out our 10 favorites out right here!

1. Boo! Typography: For this type-inspired number, simply print out a spooky word and trace it onto your pumpkin. Then, carve!

2. Black and White Stripes: For our chic party, we created a few Beetlejuice-inspired pumpkins using acrylic paint and painting along the natural ridges of the pumpkin to create stripes.

3. Glow-in-the-Dark Tribal Pattern: Tribal and glow-in-the-dark? Urban Outfitters is probably about to call us and ask for their pumpkins back ;)

4. Skeletal Ribcage: Oooh, creepy! For this one, we created a template of a rib cage to up the creepiness of our creepy party.

5. Sharpie Sugar Skulls: How awesome is this sugar skull? We created three of these using white acrylic paint and Sharpie. This is definitely a good activity while watching your favorite scary movies in anticipation of Halloween.

6. Glow-in-the-Dark Stars: Doesn’t this pumpkin remind you of your ceiling in middle school? :)

7. Color- and Glitter-Dipped: We can’t resist “dipping” everything we can get our hands on, and pumpkins are no exception.

8. Anatomical Heart: Bonus points if you have a heartbeat track playing throughout the background of your Halloween party.

9. Gold Studs: When in doubt, you can always add studs! This fresh way of making over your pumpkin is sure to inspire tons of puns about being “studly.”

10. Hipster ‘Stache: And last, you’ve always gotta have a mustache, especially when it comes to a holiday that centers around dressing up.

Which of our pumpkin tutorials is your favorite? How will you decorate your pumpkins this year? Talk to us in the comments below!