Folks, it’s almost new calendar time! And we’re here to let you in on a secret. Beautiful wall calendars also happen to be rotating year art that lasts an entire year. Plus, if you’re clever, you can turn these calendars into actual wall art (or DIY greeting cards, gift wrap, and the like) after the year is over. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to round up the most beautiful options around — cheers to a gorgeous new year!

1. Stitch the Stars Calendar ($25): Remember the book Number the Stars? No? Okay, well this calendar doesn’t really relate to that anyway. This gorgeous kit lets you stitch constellations that correspond with each month, and is a great project for folks who are cross-stitch curious.

2. Snow & Graham Floral Illustration Calendar ($30): Every year the illustrators at Snow & Graham churn out a vibrant floral calendar, and we have to do our darnedest not to buy it every year. This is definitely one of those calendars that turns into wall art after each month passes.

3. On This Day Perpetual Calendar ($25): This calendar gives you a new fact about every day, every day of the year!

4. Calendar Tea Towel ($25): Hang a tea towel on the wall? Heck yes! We knew we were obsessed with tea towels for a reason.

5. Pieces and Patterns Illustrated Wall Calendar ($25): The patterns in this calendar remind us of tessellations, and we would happily get lost in a different pattern each month.

6. Oversized Wall Calendar on Wood Hanger ($69): Now this is some serious rotating wall art! The wooden hanger adds a classy touch to this piece.

7. Paper Source Art Grid Calendar ($25): Love poppy, graphic art? Then this is the calendar for you. With a totally different theme each month, you’ll never get bored.

8. Dry Erase Poster Calendar ($25): Wait, a dry erase board that isn’t boring-as-the-dickens to look at? Sign us up.

9. Chalkboard Typography Calendar ($30): Of course, we’ve gotta give props to dry erase’s way older cousin, chalkboard. This calendar isn’t actually made of chalkboard paper, but we’re loving the hand-lettered chalkboard aesthetic.

10. Abstract Landscape Wall Calendar ($18): For some reason, these landscapes make us want to turn up the tunes and dance weirdly to ’80s power ballad Africa, by Toto.

11. Mid-Century Modern CMYK Calendar Poster ($27): Now this is a calendar made for a graphic designer. We love the gigantic mid-century modern numbers.

12. Astrology Wall Calendar ($20): For the minimal astrologist (okay, we know that’s not a thing but now it is), this calendar is a simple and beautiful option.

13. Minerals Calendar ($24): Geodes are in. Agate slices are in. And what do these two things have in common? Minerals!

14. Rifle Paper Co. Travel America Calendar ($24): As if we’d do a roundup on anything involving paper without a shout-out to Rifle Paper Co. This calendar takes you through America’s most iconic cities by way of illustration.

15. Gold Prisms Calendar ($33): This is the most luxe one of the bunch. The gold prisms shine beautifully in sunlight, and might inspire you to make our geometric bangles!

16. Shapes Wall Calendar ($22): Love oohing and ahhing at pretty shapes? Us too.

17. Nostalgic New England Letterpress Calendar ($28): This would make a great gift for folks who grew up on the east coast.

18. Geometric Animals Wall Calendar ($14): Um, what is this amazingness?! Geometric animals might be our new favorite jam.

19. Earthly Elements Wall Calendar ($25): I guess it’s pretty clear that we’ve got a thing for shapes, patterns, and bold pops of color. This wall calendar is no exception.

20. Rude Boy Poster Calendar ($20): These chaotic shapes and colors come together beautifully on this sort of tribal, sort of geometric calendar poster.

21. Rifle Paper Co. Secret Garden Calendar ($24): If the concept of a brunch party could turn into a calendar, this is what it would look like. And here’s a not-so-secret secret: We freaking love brunch.

22. A Year in Stitches Calendar Kit ($25): Yep, another calendar that’ll leave you in stitches! ;)

23. Paper Pusher Risograph Calendar ($20): These ’80s-inspired graphic prints are more art than calendar, and would make for a great monthly rotation in an office.

24. Snug Poster Calendar ($21): And last, a calendar so minimal you might not even be able to understand it. We dig the broken down numbers and obscure look.

Which of these calendars is your favorite? Any we should add to our list? Talk to us in the comments below.