If you live in a city and are holed up in an apartment (gasp — even a little ol’ studio), you know that finding outdoor space can be quite a challenge. That little patch of dry grass outside your building doesn’t exactly cut it, and you’re lucky to find space in the park on a nice day. Luckily, this apartment complex in Singapore is the answer to your dreams. (Now… you just need to move to Singapore.)

The Interlace recently won 2015 World Building of the Year at the World Architecture Festival and is designed with outdoor space as the main appeal. Well, not to mention the super-unique design. The building is the brainchild of OMA/Buro Ole Scheeren and features 31 apartment blocks stacked in a hexagonal shape around eight courtyards — and many amazing pools (swoon). This means residents have access to private and shared spaces on multiple levels of the complex, so you never have to travel too far down the elevator to get some fresh air.

We’ve seen tiny housing trending this year but this building takes another approach at urban living that we wouldn’t mind packing up and moving into. “The project presents an alternative way of thinking about developments which might otherwise become generic tower clusters,” World Architecture Festival Director Paul Finch said in a news release about the event.

This is definitely no ordinary apartment.

What do you think about The Interlace? Are you ready to move in? Let us know in the comments.

(Photos via Caro Communications)