Whether you’ve just landed your first apartment (hoorah!) or are wrestling with what to do with all your stuff now that you’re living in a smaller space, studio apartments present some unique challenges. With only one room to decorate and everything out on display, distinguishing the kitchen from your bedroom can be overwhelming. Regardless of your storage situation, these tips will help you decorate and streamline your studio into the most stylish little space in the building!

1. Let in the Light: Avoid heavy curtains and add lots of light fixtures to make your studio feel larger, cleaner and more welcoming. (via Front + Main)

2. Understand the Flow: Think about how you move through the studio and adjust your furniture accordingly. The space will feel even more cramped if you keep tripping over the couch to get to your closet. With clear pathways, you’ll enjoy your apartment even more (no clumsy detours!). (via Getty Images)

3. Furniture Placement: Use furniture placement to organize furnishings into smaller groups within the studio. Since you don’t have walls to create boundaries, use furniture, rugs, and lighting to create separate areas while still keeping the space open and airy. (via Getty Images)

4. Flexible Furniture: We love multipurpose furnishings like this IKEA Malm bed frame ($399) with drawers underneath. In a small space like a studio, they can be a real lifesaver. Any piece of furniture that does double duty is a good friend to have around. (via IKEA)

5. Get Organized. If there was ever an incentive to get organized, it’s living in a studio apartment where all your belongings are on display. Find some storage organizers that look respectable and then start donating all those things you don’t really need. (via Getty Images)

6. Add Artwork: Having your own art on the walls can make a huge difference in adding personality to your space. There are a lot of ways to hang art without ever picking up a hammer, so even renters can enjoy a sexy gallery wall. (via Getty Images)

7. Control Clutter: We know you love those piles of throw pillows, but in a small space, decoration displays can start feeling chaotic. To avoid the clutter, choose only a few distinctive pieces to display. (via Getty Images)

8. Make Storage Pretty: Stay organized, but look good doing it by putting stuff in a minimalist book shelf or colorful baskets and boxes. (via Getty Images)

9. Go Vertical: Since floorspace is limited, use the walls to show off mementos with floating shelves. Shelves are perfect for rotating displays, and you can always change the look of your vignettes depending on your mood and the season. (via Getty Images)

10. Embrace Open Storage: Even though you’ll want to tuck many things away, embrace open shelving for the things you don’t mind showing off. If your apartment kitchen leaves a lot of be desired, put in some open shelves and proudly display those pretty dishes. (via Getty Images)

11. Add Plants: Not only are plants proven to increase productivity, they filter the air and create a homey atmosphere. (via The Sill on Brit + Co)

12. Pops of Color: We’re not saying all your furniture has to be hot pink, but a surprising, bright color that makes an appearance in several places can make a huge difference in adding personality to a studio when space is limited. (via Getty Images)

13. Use Mirrors to Add Depth: Mirrors are great for “doubling” your space. If you place them opposite a window, they act as a second window, reflecting double the light back into your studio. (via Getty Images)

14. Coordinate your Rugs: One of the advantages to a small studio is not having to spend a fortune on a full-sized area rug. Having a small colorful rug anchors the illusion of “rooms” and provides extra color and texture to balance out your wall decor. (via Domaine Home)

What are your tricks for decorating a studio? Share your tips in the comments below!