Though the sun decided not to come out, Friday marked the first day of New York City‘s biggest music festival, Governors Ball, AKA Coachella‘s edgier, more urban East Coast cousin. Brit + Co was on the ground in NYC to scope out all the best street style — and we have to say, revelers most definitely brought it, rain or shine! Check out some of the best trends we spotted from the street style we encountered below.


1. Chokers: While there may be fewer flower crowns at Govs Ball than you’re likely to see at other fests, chokers definitely made the crossover — they were everywhere this year. This party-goer rocked a throwback tattoo version while keeping the rest of her getup comfy + casual with a baseball cap, high-waisted jeans and a simple tee.


2. Fringe Kimonos: The temperature never broke 65 degrees Fahrenheit, which made for perfect conditions to don summer’s hottest, Chrissy Teigen-approved outwear — a lightweight kimono. Bonus? It could even double as a poncho for the rain!


3. Statement Necklaces: This festival attendee kept things simple with some hightop kicks, jeans and a cold shoulder top in summer’s hottest hue, leaving it to her statement collar necklace to really steal the show.


4. Overalls + Rain Boots: Hey, when the weather hands you lemons, you make fashion lemonade! This woman’s bright red boots quickly became the focal point of her entire outfit — second only to that giant grin, of course.


5. Beanies for Summer: Who says beanies are only for winter? This gal paired one up with an overall dress + silver boots — and looked cool doing it.


6. Lace-Up Sandals: Though there was rain, there wasn’t too much mud — a lucky thing for the likes of these stunning lace-up sandals! We also love this hot shoe-owners’ all-black ensemble and silver bib necklace.


7. Crushed Velvet Is Back: The ’90s were alive and well at this year’s Governors Ball, and while this attendee’s bell-sleeved OTS top is super eye-catching, it’s the crushed velvet skirt that really had us swooning. Anyone else catching Blake Lively, errr, Esmeralda vibes?


8. Army Jackets: Here’s another Govs Ball-goer sporting rain boots (sensing a trend here?), but this woman makes them military chic with the addition of an army green cargo jacket — the perfect choice for gloomy spring weather. Also of note, check out her statement necklace, which most definitely reads “Beckham.”


9. Iridescent Rain Gear: If it’s going to rain anyway, you might as well make the most of it, right? This iridescent raincoat is so cool, it kinda’ makes us wish it would rain every day, just so we could wear it. Keeping things coordinated, this fest-goer’s denim skirt is iridescent, as well: Girl clearly likes her sheen.


10. Black Crochet: The crochet look was a huge hit at Coachella and other music festivals, and that was also the case at Govs Ball. Instead of the been-there-done-that white, however, it was black crochet that served as a surprisingly cool alternative.


11. Bodysuit + Pins: It’s officialbodysuits, in all their varying forms, are still the hottest trend of 2016. Customize yours with pins for a personal touch, like this festival attendee, who also paired hers with boxer braids, Adidas Superstars and some classic denim shorts.


12. Black + White: Not every outfit has to be all about color: This outfit keeps the palette neutral in all black and white, letting the patterns do all the talking. Those laced-up rain boots also caught our eye with their unique feel.


13. Bold Lips + Bright Accessories: Everything about this outfit is a win — from the combat boots (all the rage at Governors Ball) to the geometric skirt, right down to the boldly colored lipstick + bright jewelry. Little details like these are an awesome way to add a pop of color to your OOTD.


14. Cutouts + Lace: Yet another huge trend at Govs Ball this year? Cutouts + lace. This lace crop top is pitch perfect for summer, while the discreet triangle cutouts of these frayed white shorts offer up a super subtle way to pull off the craze.


15. Varsity Cardigan + Platform Sandals: This getup is pretty much the embodiment of preppy chic — plus, what’s more summery than white pants? This woman’s patent leather flatform sandals add just enough edge to her otherwise totally classic outfit.


16. All Black Everything: Don’t be afraid to go summer goth and sport all-black at a festival like this party-goer did. We can’t say it’s an entirely surprising choice: This is NYC we’re talking about, after all! We’re digging her on-trend sheer kimono, knitted crop top and ’90s charm necklace.


17. Sweatshirt + Distressed Shorts: Adidas certainly got a lot of love at the festival this year — just check out this woman’s oversized Japanese sweatshirt emblazoned with the company’s throwback logo! Who’d have thunk that a sweatshirt would make such awesome fest wear?


18. Brightly Colored Dresses: Pair your old Doc Martens with a brightly colored dress to lift your spirits on even the dreariest of days. The sterling silver + turquoise bib necklace is also a nice touch.


19. Culottes + Floral Headbands: Another orange enthusiast, this music-lover rocked culottes with a simple striped tube top, making for one truly head-turning getup.


20. Patterned Maxis + Fun Shades: When in doubt, pull the maxi dress out: There’s no easier way to appear totally pulled together than with this trusty standby! This one certainly was a scene stealer with its bold patterns, and we loved how this gal accessorized her look with some reflective cat-eye shades and maroon lippies.


21. Suede Two-Piece: Proving two-pieces are still the way to go this festival season, this attendee donned a suede version that brought the heat despite the drizzle. Her tattoo choker + French braids really topped off her look.


22. Halter Tops: Sometimes, keeping things low-key really is the way to go. This woman clearly gets it in her understated cropped halter top, blue jeans and black ankle booties. The flashiest thing about her outfit? That badass leather lariat necklace. So chic!


23. Wacky Prints: Casual doesn’t have to mean boring — just take it from this fest-dweller. Her canvas smiley face sneakers and pineapple printed snapback were a YAAAAS!


24. Pigtails + Pink Leather Jacket: If you thought you were too old for pigtails, think again! This whole look was super fun from head to toe with a Pink Ladies-style leather jacket (customized with button pins no less), a crop top and lace-up black shorts.


25. Fringe + Florals: This stylish attendee mixed nice and naughty in a floral crop top, nylon pants and some oh-so-cool shades. The best part, though, was her killer fringe cardigan, giving the overall effect of total BADASS.


26. Denim-on-Denim: While both denim skirts and denim jackets are closet staples, there’s some that may say the two don’t mix. This woman single-handedly proves the naysayers wrong, adding a ringer tee for contrast. After all, rules were made to be broken, right? (Btdubs, heart those heart sunnies!)

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(Photos via Kimberly Wang/Brit + Co)