It’s day three of Coachella and Brit + Co is right at the heart of the festival. Yesterday, we spotlighted some Coachella DIYers. Today, it’s all about trends, baby. It’s already becoming increasingly clear that there are some hot summer fashion picking up momentum here. No surprise considering what a style mecca Coachella is. We’re rounding up our top picks for looks that are about to explode this summer. Take a peek and maybe try a style or two out yourself!


1. Off-the-shoulder-tops: Off-the-shoulder tops totally help you channel your inner flower child. This look was absolutely everywhere at Coachella 2016, and it’s not hard to see why — it’s skin-baring without being too revealing. Plus, no shoulder strap tan lines.

2. Two pieces: Made popular by Taylor Swift (who is here at Coachella to support her bf and Sunday night headliner Calvin Harris FYI), two pieces are pretty much here to stay. This stylish attendee rocked this gorg white striped outfit that transitions easily from the office to the bar.


3. Half-up topknots: Hands down, THIS is the hairstyle of Coachella 2016 and possibly of the entire year. Mark our words. In case you want to really step up your topknot game, try adding in some braids as this trendy festivalgoer did here. Muss it up for some extra coolness.

Coachella_028 3

4. Choker necklaces: The ’90s are back, y’all. Choker necklaces are so DIYable and so hot right now. Make your own with a leather cord and add charms to customize your look. This lady isn’t rocking just one but TWO trends on our list (told you off-the-shoulder tops are in).


5. Braids, braids and more braids: Yes, we know. It’s not news braids are über popular — and aside from a wealth of cornrows, milkmaid, fishtails and boxer braids spotted all over the festival — this girl decided to do glitter roots as well. We dig!


6. Body suits: Body suits are perfect for pairing with flowy skirt, high-waisted pants and denim cutoffs this summer. You don’t have to wear it alone as this bold Coachella goer did, but hey, the world is your oyster!


7. Crochet everything: Crochet bralettes, shorts, bikinis and kimonos are making a big appearance at this year’s event. And the best part is you can DIY it! In fact, we have an awesome online crochet course that will have to creating your fave summer outfit in no time.


8. Cowboy boots: It’s the wild, wild west when it comes to footwear because cowboy boots are super on-trend right now. These white hot cowboy boots are an awesome choice if traditional brown or black isn’t really your speed. Yep, these boots were made for making a statement.

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(Photos via Brittany Griffin/Brit + Co)