After spending time prepping for this morning's segment on the Today Show, we've got repurposing on the brain here at Brit & Co. Today, we tackle DIY belts!

Got a little black dress you love but need to spice it up? Perhaps it's time to put a belt on it! And not just any belt, how about one that you make using household objects, d-rings and needle and thread? If you're not familiar with d-rings, head to your closet and look at any ribbon-style belt you have or even a backpack. As boring as they sound, d-rings are actually pretty magical when it comes to DIY projects and we're pumped to show you how they help us turn just about anything into a fun, fashionable belt.

 – d-rings (available at any craft store or on Amazon)

– loofah, scarf, t-shirt, washers, string, yarn, etc

– optional: needle and thread

We'll kick things off with our favorite of the bunch. How to turn a loofah into a belt!

This is great for loofahs that have lost their bunchiness or have started to fall apart. And, if you're an avid loofah user, you know that loofahs tend to fall apart pretty easily.

Simply untie a few knots or use a pair of scissors to cut at the nexus of the loofah. It should unravel pretty easily. It'll be pretty long so we recommend folding it in half lengthwise and doubling the thickness of the belt. Attach it to one of the d-rings using a needle and thread, and you're done.

Because we doubled it up, we get a cool layered effect, great for adding a little extra oomph and shape to a simple black dress.

Next is definitely the simplest one: Repurposing a silk scarf!

If you've got one too many scarves and not enough stylish belts, this DIY is for you. Plus, you can don it as a head scarf or even a regular scarf with a little d-ring bling. ;) The method for this is the same as the loofah. Double it up lengthwise, then sew onto on d-ring. Done!

Now, one of our favorite materials, an old t-shirt. We've turned t-shirts into nautical necklaces, tote bags, and added them to fishtail braids, and now we're turning one into a scarf!

Cut your t-shirt into 1/2 inch thick strips. Pull them lengthwise so they naturally roll and turn into a little rope-like pieces of string. (See our necklace tutorial for more on how to do this.) Braid the pieces together and sew one end to a d-ring.

For the second end, we like to leave a few tassels hanging so you can either sew the second end or simply tie it off like you would a friendship bracelet.

Of course, you can still rock it as a fun statement piece of neckwear if you feel like mixing things up!

For our yarn belt, we used a similar braiding technique as for the t-shirt. We recommend using a pop color or two combined with an earth tone for a more interesting palette. Of course, you can use any variety of colors to coordinate with your personal style.

Simply braid, sew onto one d-ring, sew off the other end, and poof!

Last and perhaps our most off-the-wall DIY belt yet, how to use washers and nylon string to make a belt!

For this one, you simply tie knots around each washer until you've got a length that works for you. Attach the d-ring to one end and you're done!

We love that the washers act as little belt notches on this one. A great combo of hardware and soft…wear. ;)

Which of these DIY belts is your favorite? Got any other fun uses for household objects that we should try out? Let us know in the comments below or find us on Twitter.