If you’re feeling some major fitspiration from female athletes on Instagram, want to peep some new at-home workouts that don’t require trekking out in cold temps or just want to try out some major calorie-burning routines, listen up. We’ve got you! Below, there’s a YouTube workout for every day of the week. Each one will blast major calories without taking up a huge chunk of time, so you’ll be less stressed and more pumped to crush your day.



1. Best HIIT & Abs Routine: Grab your mat and a glass of water for this high-intensity interval training (AKA HIIT) workout with Katrina from Tone It Up. You’ll alternate between cardio and toning moves for 12 minutes of intense fitness. But you’ll have a beautiful beach view and the pleasure of knowing you’re torching major calories to get you through it. (via Tone It Up)


2. Full Body HIIT Workout | Fat Blasting Exercise: If you haven’t noticed yet, HIIT workouts are serious calorie blasters. In this version with celebrity trainer Astrid McGuire, you’ll need just 10 minutes and no — I repeat NO — equipment for a full-body workout. (via POPSUGAR Fitness)


3. Squat Challenge: 225 Squats to Burn 100 Calories: Want a quick way to burn 100 calories? (Don’t we all.) You’re going to have to get through 225 squats, using varying weights, in less than 10 minutes. Good luck! (via XHIT Daily)


4. 25 Minute Tabata Workout: If you’re new to Tabata, no worries. The concept is simple. You’ll do high-intensity interval training in four minutes, each round consisting of 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. You’ll do a total of five, four-minute rounds, and you’ll scorch a ton of calories along the way. (via BodyFit by Amy)


5. Quick Workout to Burn Fat and Tone Up All Over: This five-minute, complex workout requires just one piece of equipment: a set of dumbbells. You’ll do as many reps of each move as you can in 50 seconds, then follow it up with 10 seconds of rest. It’s fast, it’s furious and it’s primed to crush calories. (via Women’s Health)


6. Burn 300 Calories in 30 Minutes With This Workout: Pull out your mats and dumbbells! Fitness host Anna Renderer has created a circuit routine that is built to work every muscle group in some variation. All she asks is that you work hard and have fun. A motto we can get behind. (via POPSUGAR Fitness)


7. 5 Minute Fat Burner: Cassey Ho (AKA Blogilates) always brings the heat with her workouts, but this five-move, five-minute workout had us seriously sweating in no time. Each move is designed to work multiple muscle groups at the same time, so you’ll get more calorie burn than you bargained for, while your coffee is still brewing. (via Blogilates)

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