In the era of streaming and on-demand everything, there are tons of YouTube workout videos to choose from, ranging from super easy to hardcore HIIT. Since they’re free, these videos are an awesome resource for trying out new exercises and switching up your workout routine. You may have seen resistance bands at the gym and wondered how you’re actually supposed to use them. Lucky for you, the world of YouTube workout videos is to help!

Sporty woman with exercise band in fitness studio

Not only are resistance bands a convenient option for working out at home, they’re also one of the best options for both travel and small space workouts, since they’re ultra-light and compact. Another perk? They’re crazy cheap and can be ordered online for under $15 (sometimes even less!). Seems like a small price to pay for being able to work out literally anywhere, right?

Most of these workouts are short, meaning they’re easy to fit into your jam-packed sched. If you want to get a longer workout in, tack one of these onto the end of a run, or group a few videos from one of these channels together! Arm yourself with a yoga mat and a band, and you’re set to get your sweat on.


1. The BEST Band Workout: Start the week off right with this short but surprisingly sweat-inducing workout from the Tone It Up girls. Trainers Karena and Katrina have a cult following, and after doing a few of their YouTube workouts, we totally understand why. They’re super encouraging and engaging, and everything from their music to their attitude is fun and positive. Give this full-body workout a try and you’ll barely notice the 14 minutes fly by. (via Tone It Up)


2. Tighten & Tone Your Abs With a Resistance Band: In this workout, trainer Katia Pryce uses a handle-less resistance band to make your abs hurt so good. Don’t let the fact that you get to lay down for most of this workout fool you; this is a tough one, but Pryce does an amazing job of talking you through each move. Get ready for the soreness you’ll feel tomorrow. (via CosmoBody)


3. Full Body Resistance Band Workout: Okay Tuesday, time to up the intensity. This video is a full 30 minutes and you will feel the burn. We especially love the short cardio burst at the end of this workout, which really gets your heart rate up and ends the sweat sesh on a high note. (via GymRa)


4. Thigh Trimmer & Butt Lifter Workout: You’ll need a few different circular bands to complete this workout from Cassey Ho of Blogilates, but the targeted toning you get in return is totally worth the minimal investment. Cassey is also fun and encouraging, which is probably why she has over 3 million subscribers on YouTube! (via Blogilates)


5. Resistance Band Arms & Abs Workout: Work your upper body and core with this 12-minute video that takes you from standing moves to planks and then to a floor abs series. We love that this channel also offers printables of their workouts, so you can do them without watching the video once you get the hang of the moves. (via The Live Fit Girl)


6. Short Full Body Workout With Resistance Bands: No bands? No problem. Natalie Jill constructed all the moves in this video so that you can do them with or without resistance bands. Go ahead and add them in for a little extra intensity, but these exercises will have an impact no matter what. We also love that she explains how to use different types of bands for the same result, meaning you can adapt whichever kind you have to her workout.

(via Natalie Jill Fitness)


7. 10-Minute Travel Resistance Band Workout: This workout from PopSugar Fitness and Fit Chicks Michelle Lovitt and Angie Akers utilizes super compact bow-tie bands, making it ideal for travel (or tiny apartments!) Be warned: The triceps series is absolutely killer, but you’ll feel strong and accomplished when you’re done. (via PopSugar Fitness)

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