If your spaces tend to get a little cluttered in the chillier months, spring is the time to hit *restart* on your home. Embrace the season’s cleaning, reorganizing, and refreshing theme by tackling those neglected nooks and crannies and adding new pops to your decor. After cozying up indoors for months, the process may seem intimidating, so we’ve gathered nine fun, *must-know* tips to get you through. Buzz through ’em and you’ll be ready to tackle your spring revamp head-on, like the #girlboss you are.


1. Add a touch of greenery. A simple way to get those springtime vibes poppin’ is by bringing a little plant life into to your space. From succulents to cascading ferns, the gorgeous greenery options are endless. And the bigger your plant collection gets, the more excuses you’ll have to make these fab DIY Gradient Planters. (via A Beautiful Mess)


2. Refresh and reorganize your bathroom. Bathrooms can spin out of control in just one hair and makeup sesh, so we’re guessing yours could use some lovin’. We encourage you to beautify your bathroom with on-trend acrylic storage options, brightly colored towels, and cute, mismatched knobs and hooks. (Photo via Heather Bullard)


3. Add fresh flowers. While we are loving the #jungalow trend, fresh blooms bring a new energy to any space. Celebrate the season with vibrant bundles of blossoms throughout your home. (Photo via Havenly)


4. Clean and reorganize your closet. The changing season also means it’s closet purge time! Start by donating unwanted/outdated items, then reorganizing based on what’s not working with your current setup. Are you constantly tripping over your heels? A shoe rack or discrete shelving should prob be in your future. Tangled purse straps? What a great excuse to get some fancy hooks! (Photo via Style N Naina)


5. Update your laundry room. Stop hiding your chaotic laundry room from guests. Give it a sleek and tidy facelift with splashes of bright paint, like this on-trend coral hue, and space-saving DIY shelving. (via A Beautiful Mess)


6. Organize your garage. Imagine actually being able to use your garage as a bonus room. The dream can be real with some shelving units, storage tubs, and lots of labels. Once the extension cords and trinkets are tucked away, reinvent the space with this clever DIY garage floor and, *ta-da*! You’ve got a whole new space on your hands. (via Classy Clutter)


7. Keep up with household chores. The season is all about deep cleaning, and that means getting back in good graces with your everyday chores too. As always, the task is made a lot simpler when there are cute accessories involved. Make these DIY graphic laundry baskets and you’ll at least feel a lot cuter while catching up on your loads. (via Studio DIY)


8. Add storage that doubles as decor. Obvs, we love a good space-saver, but when it’s wrapped up as a chic decor piece, we’re totally heart-eyed. This golden chest (with wheels!) is a perfect example. Scoop up something similar and fill it with spare blankets or back issues of your fave mags, then implement this strategy in the rest of your home. (via The Glitter Guide)


9. Add a touch of pastels. Pretty pastels are the palette of springtime, so take them for a whimsical spin. Start with hints of soft pink, and once you’ve fallen in love with the warm elegance, add some green and blue hues to the mix. (via The Every Girl)

How do you get your home ready for spring? If you’re doing a spring refresh, follow us on Pinterest for even more decor inspo.