When it comes to documenting the nine months of pregnancy, a videoed time lapse has proven itself to be the most popular method by far – and it’s no surprise why. Pregnancy is a super weird/amazing thing to see and experience. What better way to remember your body’s wild transformation than by documenting the entire process? To celebrate their first baby’s arrival, Byron and Monique Louie knew they wanted to make a time lapse, but they added a unique element to the popular format.

The video starts like most do, with Monique standing with her side profile in view. She’s standing in what looks to be a guest room as her belly begins to grow. But then not only does Monique’s appearance begin to change, but so do her surroundings. We watch as the bed disappears and a crib takes its place. As her pregnancy progresses, so does the nursery’s state. Toward the end, we see the two zip off to the hospital while their two pups (one of which had his own viral video a few years back) wait patiently for their return. Then of course, they come back and introduce their new baby boy to their canine siblings.

Bryon tells Huffington Post he made the video as “a nice creative outlet to help calm the nerves that came with all of this, being that it’s my first child.” The two welcomed their baby to the world in May. With a viral time-lapse video of both his pregnant wife and puppy under his belt, a compilation of his newborn’s growth over his first year only seems natural.

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