Vines, as you know, are only six seconds long. They’re a cute way to make a mini film out of fleeting bits of fun and moments from daily life (um, or space) that pictures just can’t capture. These short videos are little glimpses into the everyday lives of our friends, family and favorite celebs, with just a little more personality than an Instagram or Facebook post. But we’ve always wondered: How much can you really show in six seconds?

Ian Padgham has an interesting answer to that query. The new dad was able to transform the nine months of his wife’s pregnancy into a six second short. This takes newborn and pregnancy photos to an entirely new level with a creative pregnancy announcement/time-lapse newborn photo to top the others we’ve seen. And trust us, we’ve seen plenty.

Snapping two frames a month, the video takes us through his artist wife Claire’s progression from minimal baby bump to brand new mom. Ian told Buzzfeed it was a “fun way to capture the process.” We think he’s just being modest. The pregnancy experience becomes breathtaking when condensed into such a short time span.

Beyond turning Vine into a new art form, Ian has also demonstrated just how fast life moves. We wonder what other ways he’ll apply his skills to his child’s growth and first moments. We’re sure it will be nothing short of amazing and something worth share-ing ;)

What do you think of this interesting take on Vines, pregnancy, and art? Love it or hate it? Let us know below!