When Adobe dropped the news last year that they were developing a stylus to outsmart the rest and a stubby ruler P.I.C. that would make our ability to draw on tablets more accurate than ever, we knew this meant big changes were in store for the way we all create. Think: Advancements as innovative as streamlining our access to digital innovation tools (later PC + monitor!) to shifts as major as potentially replacing pen and paper for good! We’re sure the speculation won’t stop now that Project Mighty and Project Napoleon have finally been released, under the much sleeker names of Ink and Slide. While we already start dreaming up potential “What’s Nexts” for the digital duo — should CAD tools start watching their backs?! — we’re getting the first glimpses of just what these groundbreaking iPad tools can do for digital doodlers, hardcore designers and makers like you here + now.

Expect a Perfect Fit

Not only do the tools look Apple-level luxe, but Ink and Slide were designed to be as natural to use as your old school drawing implements. Ink’s twisted aluminum shell ensures maximum comfort to grips of all kinds and its buttons, which trigger commands such as pop-up menus and functions like copy/paste, are intentionally placed to make the experience as seamless as possible. Its tube-like case is even a big win for form + function, doubling as a charging doc with a USB connector aside from keeping your stylus knick-free.

Syncing Up is Just as Easy

When Ink is powered on, you can use it like any other stylus — to tap and scroll through your OS while keeping your screen fingerprint-free. But WHY would you want to? When it connects with companion app/your new go-to digital canvas Adobe Line, it turns into an all-in-one drawing tool. Its pressure-sensitive tip relays lines as think as your hand is heavy and can control creative features like “ink” colors and shapes. Because the tool is also connected to Creative Cloud, custom color palettes, rough drafts and past creations are accessible wherever you take your pen.

Draw With Precision + Intention

Here’s really where the stylus sets itself apart from the rest: When it’s paired up with digital ruler, Slide. The power-free piece of hardware is equipped with a single button that cues a projection of different easily traceable shapes on screen. That means perfect circles, precise angles and intricate curves and other custom stamps are merely a click away, no art degree necessary! Prototypers, architects, designers + anal artists, are you squealing yet?

Sketch Playfully, Too!

If you’re they type of person that likes to color outside the lines, Ink + Slide will still rock your digital drawing world. The pair work with Adobe’s brand-new Sketch app that’s essentially like its version of Paper. The on-screen drawing pad’s features are fairly basic (Note: This is where your imagination is supposed to step in), but is integrated with a gallery of work from the creatives at Behance so that you can get inspired to make + share.

More Ways to Share

Not only does its Creative Cloud connectivity allow you to easily transfer your designs from your iPad to your iPhone and back again (and tinker with it in Photoshop all the times in between), but Ink can copy/paste doodles and drafts from your friends device onto yours, making collaboration + file sharing more of a breeze than ever imagined.

Mobile making’s first mega upgrade is available today online through Adobe’s website for $199.

(h/t Tech Crunch)