Plane travel can be stressful. Between packing, traveling to the airport, dealing with security, a possible fear of flying, and then sitting in a cramped area for hours, it can be hard to look forward to a flight. One thing that can help some people ease the travel jitters? A glass of wine or anything with a little bit of alcohol in it, especially if you’re trying to ease your way into an in-flight nap. What isn’t so nice is that ordering a beer in coach can cost you upwards of $7, not to mention the hassle of digging your bag out from under your seat to get your wallet. But you’re in luck — if you choose wisely, there are some airlines that offer complimentary alcohol on board (and not just internationally). Here are the best airlines where you can expect free drinks.


Delta: Complimentary wine, local craft beer, and sparkling wine on flights over 250 miles.

Southwest: Complimentary alcohol on select holidays only, including New Year’s Day; Valentine’s Day; Father’s Day; June 18, Southwest’s birthday; and September 20, Southwest’s Premier Credit Card’s anniversary. But check their website, because more holidays are included.

Horizon Air and Sky West Airlines (sisters of Alaska Airlines): A free wine or beer on shuttle flights over 60 minutes. Alaska Airlines offers a free Mai Tai when you fly to Hawaii.


Delta: Free beer, wine, and sparkling wine on international flights.

American Airlines: Free wine and beer on international flights, and select flights also include complimentary spirits.

Virgin Atlantic: Wine or beer with your dinner, bubbly before takeoff.

United Airlines: Complimentary beer on select flights, such as US to Argentina, Peru, Australia, Japan, or China.

Emirates: Complimentary wine and beer on international flights.

Air Canada: Complimentary wine and spirits when flying abroad.

Air France: Complimentary cocktail (ooh la la) and wine or Champagne when flying internationally.

Lufthansa:Complimentary cocktail service on long-haul flights.

Japan Airlines:Complimentary wine, beer, spirits, and sake on international flights.

Aeromexico:Complimentary bar service after 11am, including beer, wine, and, of course, tequila.

Qantas Airlines:Complimentary alcoholic beverages on international and some domestic flights.

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