Ali Larter is a busy woman. Whether she’s taking care of her two kids, on the set of the latest Resident Evil movies or mid-yoga workout, her life is definitely not packed with downtime. But amidst all the long days on set and personal partnerships (she just teamed up with Lysol!), Ali has found one practical hobby that allows her to stay creative on the daily: cooking. Not only does Ali have her own lifestyle website full of delicious recipes, but she has her own celebrity cookbook full of them too. We recently had a chance to chat with Ali about her love of food and how exactly an avid chef who also happens to be a celebrity is able to maintain balance.

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA - AUGUST 27: Ali Larter celebrates the release of her new cookbook "Kitchen Revelry" with Perrier-Jouet at Sunset Tower on August 27, 2013 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by John Sciulli/Getty Images)

Ali tells us cooking has been a creative outlet for her ever since she started helping her mom out in the kitchen as a kid. Now, basically a master chef, she has a couple of recipes she’s famous for (her meatballs, lemon cake and a killer thanksgiving), but she’s still not without a failure or two. She tells us that her latest struggle in the kitchen has been getting her pavlovas to rise (FYI, pavlovas are essentially airy meringues).

Because she’s so busy and has two little ones running around, Ali also mentions that when she’s cooking, time is key. To help make things go further Ali mentions one easy hack. “If I’m making something, I double the recipe,” she says. “I just made a really delicious palooza, and that’s a way for me to get vegetables in my kid’s body. I do huge, huge pots of them.”

So, what exactly does a celebrity who also loves to cook eat on the daily? “It depends,” she says. “I’m not great at balance. If I have a big weekend and eat a bacon cheeseburger and go out for ice cream with the kids, then breakfast treats and pastries in the morning always get me… I always start my week with coffee, a healthy breakfast of yogurt or granola or scrambled eggs, and then try to have a green juice, a protein salad for lunch and a soup or maybe a stew for dinner. Grilled salmon is usually a go-to as well. I try to lay off the dairy and not go heavy on the carbs at night.” Well, sounds healthy but honestly, doable – not quite as intense as Jennifer Aniston’s diet.

Check out all of Ali’s recipes over on her site, and see what she’s up to with Lysol here!

(Photo via John Sciulli/Getty)