See that bottle of water on your desk? Amazi has a plan to make that the last one you ever buy. We’ve talked about the stats before and, yep, they’re depressing: 66 billion bottles consumed every year in the US and only 13% actually get recycled. That means plastics and nasty chemicals are trapped in landfill for our lifetime… and don’t get us started about all the resources wasted making and bottling H2O.

But… sometimes it’s just so convenient, and you’re, like, reeeeally thirsty, and, but — I mean, you’re going to recycle it! And be part of that 13%! Look, we get it and Amazi totally gets it. That’s why their app and website is going to make it even easier for you to find a place to refill instead of re-buy. Just like you would use Yelp or Foursquare to navigate your way to the cheesiest, most guacamole-filled nachos in the nabe, use Amazi to locate the nearest fountain, business, campus or water station to fill up one of your reusable containers. Come on, you’ll need to stay hydrated after all those chips-and-cheese.

Amazi’s goal is a little closer to world domination than just recycling success though. They hope to curb America’s consumption of bottled water and then use the resources we save cutting back to aid in the global water crisis. We wish we could hook them up on a blind date with Treeson, the completely sustainable bottle of water made from a plant. If there’s a Tinder for startups and other good ideas, this would be a match made in Kickstarter Campaign Heaven.

After a successful pitch at LAUNCH Festival in our HQ’s hometown of San Francisco, Amazi is still in development. Visit their site if you want to stay up to date on what they’re up to and to help them by filling out a survey about your own water ways.

We love tech that does good — do you know of a company who is coding and creating apps