Ready for some frightening math? Last year, over 250 billion plastic bottles of water were sold — 200 billion of those ended up in landfills, rivers and oceans. Gulp.

It’s easy to think we’re doing good when we check “recycling” off our chore list with Mother Earth, but since not all of the bottles tossed into those bright blue bins actually get recycled, we might as well be pitching some of our plastics straight into the ocean. Which is exactly the scenario that Treeson sprang from.

Inspired and terrified by discovering the Great Pacific Garbage Patch firsthand on a family vacation, Carlton set out to make a bottle of water that would be the eco-friendliest to create, consume and recycle. To do this, he had to make a product from the environment, for the environment, that eventually turning back into clean energy.

Treeson requires less energy and creates less emissions to make than your average, often petroleum-based, chemical-filled containers for H2O. The bottle itself is totally plant-based, toxin-free and certified 100% non-GMO. Even the labels are made with recycled material, printed with soy ink and treated with beeswax to make them waterproof.

If that’s not green enough for you, you can even take the special box your bottles came in and plant it to grow a tree, which may eventually have a tree twin thanks to Treeson’s goal to plant a tree for each bottle you buy.

While the bottles are 100% recyclable, reusable and biodegradable, Treeson gives you another option to complete its sustainable cycle. Return the empty bottles to the company for free through the USPS and they’ll do the reusing, recycling for you in a process that creates clean energy. To make more bottles and plant more trees. Cue “Circle of Life.”

Treeson’s dreams of total self-sustainability are still a few (thousand) sips away. Currently campaigning on Kickstarter, there is time and a lot of money to go until they reach their goal. A pledge of $20 gets you a sample pack and home delivery of two bottles of Treeson Water, $50 nabs a six pack and a tee and $95 will deliver two cases and some extra swag to your door. If this is a success, Treeson’s waste-to-energy production plans could become a model for other industries and companies to follow. It’s about time we got back on Mama Earth’s good side.

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