If you’re ga-ga for gadgets like us, then you get our thing for high tech water bottles. We just can’t help but get excited when something seemingly mundane is given an inventive makeover. Whether it’s in the form of a brand spankin’ new design, made up of eco-friendly materials, or it’s amped up with state-of-the-art technology, these 16 water bottles are the most innovative around.

1. Kor Vida Hydration Vessel ($25): The innovative minds at Kor have come up with the ultimate stainless steel water bottle. Designed with a tapered, ergonomic body and easy-to remove cap, it boasts Kor’s “perfect” spout—a threadless, rounded lip that’s large enough to fit ice cubes yet small enough to prevent splashes. Best part: their technology ensures you don’t taste or smell the steel while you sip.

2. Permafrost Hydra Bottle ($24): This frosty looking water bottle eliminates the need for ice cubes to keep your drinks refreshingly cool. Instead, a re-freezable, built-in gel pack keeps beverages in the chill zone for hours without watering them down. Just stash the impact-resistant bottle in the freezer an hour before you plan to chug its contents.

3. S’well Bottle ($25+): We’re not gonna lie, we’d be obsessed with these water bottles that come in shiny, matte, and glittery finishes even if they didn’t have a high tech angle. But they do: S’well’s colorful bottles keep your drinks hot for 12 hours and cold for 24. What did we tell you? They’re truly magical.

4. Solar Powered Illuminating Water Bottle ($36): The BPA-free Tritan water bottle is a must-have for outdoor adventurers. Embedded in its wide cap are five bright LED lights all powered by a small solar panel, which makes this vessel double as a night light that would be welcomed at any campground.

5. Equa CMYK Drop Collection ($30): High design meets artisan-level craftsmanship? We’re sold! These gorgeous, hand-blown glass bottles are adorned with a silicone band that comes in your favorite color printing hue: cyan, magenta, yellow, or key (black).

6. The Square ($45): What are the two most annoying things about a water bottle? If you knock it over, it rolls away in true slapstick fashion, and because of its thin, curved shape, it’s a pain to clean, right? Enter The Square: its shape ensures it stays in place and thoughtful design allows both ends of the bottle to be unscrewed for easy cleaning. If you ask us, that’s pretty flawless.

7. Grayl Water Filtration Cup ($70): This sleek water bottle breaks down a hardcore filtration process that removes 99.99% of bacteria in tap water into three easy steps: fill the cylindrical cup, press in the advanced mesh filter, then drink to your heart’s content. You can even buy an attachable water purifier if you’re planning on encountering anything murkier.

8. Bubi Bottle ($17+): It’s true: we’re bonkers for Bubi. But how could you blame us? This super squeezable water bottle is lightweight, microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe, and is totally foldable. We love that their website also gives you cool alternate uses for Bubi, like storing snacks or using it as a tech-safe waterproof pouch.

9. Aqua Zinger ($26): Forget powder packets: add fresh flavors to your water with the Aqua Zinger. The stainless steel water bottle boasts a built-in, bottom mounted grinder cup made to release the tasty and nutritional goodness from fruits, herbs, or veggies into your drink as you sip.

10. Dopper Water Bottle ($15): This might be one of the most inventive water bottles—or sneakily disguised Transformers–we’ve ever seen. The three-part steel bottle unscrews into both a classic spouted water bottle shape perfect for active chugging and a carafe-cup combo made for leisurely sipping.

11. Beat Bottle ($20): This silicone number lets you stash your smartphone in a side compartment separate from its liquid chamber, allowing you to rock out as you hydrate. Best workout water bottle ever?

12. Hydracoach ($32): Yes, we’ve swooned over the Hydracoach before, but we couldn’t help but bring it back for this high tech roundup. It’s way more than your average water bottle: this gadget calculates and tracks your daily personal hydration needs and motivates you to reach your targets.

13. BlueFit (currently unavailable): This water bottle prototype is as smart as water bottles get, working with an app to track and monitor your water intake as well as adjust your goals based on several outside factors. Even though BluFit never reached its indiegogo goal and is therefore currently (or forever) unavailable, we think the idea is worth revisiting.

14. Drink It Now Carafe ($42): More clever than it is “smart,” this glass carafe is designed with visual cues to let you know how much water you should be consuming throughout the day. Refill it at noon if you’re going to stay on track!

15. Bobble Bottle ($10+): If you’re looking for a no-fuss water bottle that filters on the go, then the Bobble Bottle should be your go-to pick. The simply designed bottle boasts a replaceable carbon filter that equates to 300 single serving bottles. Eco-friendly and $10 a pop? You pretty much can’t beat that!

16. Oko Level 2 Filter Bottle ($23+): Oko is by far the most hardcore bacteria-busting water bottle out there. Made of a custom blend of food-grade plastics, Oko’s secret weapon comes in the form of its state-of-the art Level 2 filter, which is so powerful it can blast the cola color out of Coke. No joke.

What high tech gear have you been obsessed with lately? Are you all about self-tracking? Hooked on wearable tech? Or just out for the latest and greatest gadget? Tell us in the comments below.