Guys, we just dreamed we went to Future Kitchen Heaven, where our batters know no lumps and our soufflés stand strong — all thanks to Drop. Drop is an iPad-connected kitchen scale that helps you find recipes, then guides you through making them for perfection every time. Not enough olive oil? No prob, Drop will adjust your entire recipe depending on how much you have. Drop is also what our jaws did when we first found out about this gadget.

Seriously, if you’re the person with their hands covered in flour and butter, trying to type with your elbows to Google up the correct conversion for a certain ingredient that seems to have escaped your pantry, this is for you… us.

According to the Drop team’s research, 50% of home cooks use an iPad in the kitchen. With Drop, your tablet becomes a virtual recipe book and a super smart sous chef. It starts by helping you find and share ideas to cook up, then guides you through each step with visual actions, ingredients and timing.

With its scale, Drop knows when you’re done weighing one ingredient and are ready to add in the next — kind of like the Perfect Drink App! Only have a cup and a half(ish) of flour instead of the required two? Drop will adjust the quantities for your recipe based on what you’re working with. And, psh, doubling a recipe is obviously NBD.

Drop’s goal is to make baking “easy peasy” and we are all about it. They just did their first public demo at LAUNCH Festival 2014 here in San Francisco and haven’t set a release date for the product just yet, but enter your email to dib your spot in line for it now. After us.

Hmm, can you think of a recipe Drop would have saved from ending up a baking or cooking wreck? Give us the dirty deets below!