When you think of Amazon, you probably think of cleaning supplies, household tools, gadgets, and even grocery items. But has the e-commerce giant ever made you think of fine art? Us either. Until now.

We kind of can’t believe it ourselves, but it’s true: Amazon Art is now a place you can go to browse and buy all types of art.

The crazy part? Well, there are two of them:

1) There are some seriously high ticket items in here! For instance, we were immediately captured by the Vogue images below…until we realized they were $18,000. Each. Ouch. On the flip side, Amazon does have a category of “Under $200” art which is much more friendly for your wallet.

2) Despite the prices, there are actually some really great pieces in here. We love that the variety ranges from mixed media to watercolor to photography. However, you’ll have to look elsewhere for stuff like street art. And whether or not you actually pick up a piece for your own home or office, it’s fun to browse to get visually inspired for your next creative project. I’m personally super inspired to break out my blank canvas at home this weekend.

We’ve gone through the new site and rounded up over a dozen of our favorite pieces below, all at various price points. We’d love to know what yours are, too! Submit links to your favorite works of art down below and we’ll add on some community picks. And if you’re feeling extra art-inspired, get more deets on art apps and gadgets here.

1. Food Then and Now ($380): Great for the kitchen or snack room at the office, we love this reminder to cherish food the way it was meant to be eaten.

2. Cities II ($2000): Okay, yes this one has a steep price tag, but we chose it because we think it could be fun to replicate as a DIY. We’re already collecting our painter’s tape.

3. One Track Mind ($242): Perfect for your man cave? :)

4. Third School of Thought ($1250): Obviously a bit abstract, but we are digging the colors, sunburst, and geometric shapes hiding in the background.

5. Coffee Service ($1400): Another fun one for the kitchen, this modern piece is great for kicking up a conversation about caffeine.

6. The Infinite Complexities of Life ($3500): Honestly, we just chose this for the colors and pattern. The grid of life thing has us thinking deeply, too.

6. Cammo ($200): Such a cool mixture of patterns! This would be a great piece for the living room or hallway.

8. Lush Life ($8250): We love the graffiti-aesthetic that is going on here. Makes us think of the opening scene of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. You too?

9. Fiesta Forever ($3000): Another colorful canvas that we’d love to sport in our bedroom. And dots! So many dots!

10. Spaghetti ($750): Are we the only people who can’t stop thinking about Toy Story right now? We prefer to title this piece “Toy Story 4: The Kitchen Invasion” ;)

11. James Dean on Motorcycle ($6500): Because it’s James. Obviously.

12. Amish Teenagers/Punk Teenagers ($3500): Hi-larious! What’s weirder is that the punk teenage girl looks more like the amish boy than she does the amish girl.

13. San Francisco Bay ($600): We had to make an ode to our hometown. This one has such a cool mixture of photography and art.

Which other art pieces should we put on our watch list? Submit links to your favorites below!