This may look like a simple little gadget, but it’s about to turn all of your G-rated, supermarket-related fantasies into blissful realities. Yes, the ones you had when you were little and liked to “play” grocery store at home and the adult ones that involve the ability to stock your shelves with a snap of your fingers. Amazon Dash might not have gesture control, but it’ll do ya two better. It lets you scan barcodes at home or speak into it to order items from their site.

The future is now and it’s in your kitchen. And it’s so simple. Just scan or say what you’re in the market for and in a day, it could be delivered to your door via Amazon Fresh.

You can order over 500,000 items that are already on Amazon even if they don’t have barcodes — like guitar strings if you’re hip and cool like this gal. (We totally are btw.)

Watch Amazon Dash in action here:

WANT! Sign up for a free Dash (invitation only for now…) on Amazon and why not give Amazon Flow (the admittedly less fun, but just as handy app that lets you snap a pic with your iPhone to order items from the online marketplace) while you wait.

Would Amazon Dash solve all of your #supermarketproblems? Share your thoughts on this little gadget below!