How to Make Conversation Heart Pillows for Galentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day and the newish but equally awesome Galentine’s Day give us an excuse to decorate exclusively in hearts. Conversation hearts have already been popping up everywhere, and since we know you’re all swooning over how cute they are, we’re showing you how to make giant pillow versions for your sofa or a super fun gift for your gal pal! Cozy up on the sofa with these pillows, fruit and dip and a big slice of cookie crust pie, because we all know Netflix is bae and there’s always a show just waiting to be binge watched!


– fabric in pastel colors

– red iron-on sheet

– heart template (create one by cutting a heart out of card stock!)

– white thread

– pillow stuffing


– sewing machine

– sewing pins

– scissors

– iron


1. Fold your fabric in half and pin the heart template to the fabric. Cut out the heart. (You should have two hearts since you folded your fabric in half.)

2. Sew both of the hearts together, leaving a few inches open so you can turn your pillow right side out.

3. Cut notches all around the heart and turn it right side out.

4. Iron the pillow to flatten the seams. Using your red iron-on sheet, cut out the phrase you want your pillow to say.

5. Follow the instructions on the iron-on sheet for the correct way to place it on the pillow. I put wax paper over the sheet and ironed over top.

6. Stuff the pillow completely with your pillow stuffing.

7. Hand sew the small opening in the seam of your pillow closed and give to your BFF!

When you’re cutting the notches in the side of the heart, be careful not to cut through the line you just sewed.

Make sure to fill your pillow up with a lot of stuffing so it doesn’t come out looking lumpy!

The perfect conversation heart phrases for any Internet lover.

Your sofa has never looked cuter!

What would your conversation heart pillow say? Share with us by using the hashtag #britstagram!