We all know that chocolate and Valentine鈥檚 Day are best friends, but what about those New Year鈥檚 resolutions?! Amirite!! To keep those healthy thoughts in mind, we聽crafted a great fruit-based dessert for聽your Galentine鈥檚 Day聽or Valentine鈥檚 Day聽party. Fill your heart-shaped fruit bowls with various types of fruits to fill all of your favorite sweeties鈥 needs.



鈥斅1-2 watermelons

鈥 strawberries

鈥 raspberries

鈥 blueberries

鈥 strawberry cream cheese

鈥斅爉arshmallow fluff

鈥 Greek yogurt

鈥 hazelnut spread


鈥 heart cookie cutter

鈥 knives

鈥 spoon



1. Cut the watermelon in half the long way.

2. Press the cookie cutter into the watermelon and, with the help of a knife, remove the heart shape.

3. For the chocolate fruit dip, mix two聽parts hazelnut spread with one part Greek yogurt. Pour into the heart-shaped watermelon dish.

4. For the strawberry fruit dip, mix one聽part strawberry cream cheese with one part marshmallow fluff. Pour into heart-shaped watermelon dish.


Now it鈥檚 not really watermelon season, but this pink fruit is the perfect serving dish for your Valentine鈥檚 Day brunch or party. Cut it the long way for maximum heart-cutting surface area.


Press the heart-shaped cookie cutter into the luscious fruit.


Use a spoon or knife to remove the watermelon heart.


Time to mix up the yummy stuff. For the chocolate dip, mix two parts hazelnut spread with one part Greek yogurt. Stir until smooth and spoon into the watermelon.


This dip is my absolute favorite 鈥 I adopted this recipe from my Aunt Mary Kay. Mix one part strawberry cream cheese with one part marshmallow fluff. Stir until smooth and spoon into the watermelon.


Add your favorite fruit into the other half of the watermelon and adorn with rainbow sprinkles.


This is the easiest way to serve your BFFs chocolate-covered fruit, and it is 100% delicious.


The sprinkles will add a fun touch of color to your dip, but may turn your watermelon rainbow tie dye colors if it鈥檚 too juicy :)


Yup, strawberry dip on a strawberry is extremely fantastic.

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